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  1. Hmm, nice piece :) What are the new events worth to you?
  2. Has the current offer met reserve?
  3. This should be interesting =) Good luck, everyone!
  4. Thank you, Atlas, for your perseverance :) Sucks that the DDoS happened. Fun event! By far the most unique DD map I've ever played.
  5. So uhh... this event is still going on this weekend right? Saturday/Sunday all day?
  6. Been waiting for this item to be auctioned :) One of my favorite event items. Do you accept the new patch celebration? 20 cv
  7. Guys... Be fair... 30 lab runs :)
  8. The auctions over the past month or so have been amazing. I'm just gonna assume everybody is rocking ++ armor sets with ult accessories. 20 cv
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