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  1. Yea. Guilding with dust could be greate idea. Because it's just near impossible to collect 2000 and 10 of all target shards at the same time, or i need to buy 10 bank slots. Ok i can do that but please make same filters sorting like in inventory then. Managing shard now is a pain. Thank you for game btw.
  2. Please make shards stackable or some shard book how it was asked year ago, i have 9 bags and 3 bank slots, and almost all space filled with shards so i cant continue to play a game more.
  3. Unfortunately my pet dissapear once i used scavenger. I saw it a second, and then it dissapeared. I tried it with usual pets and they did not dissapear.
  4. Hello, I ahve just upgraded my Hoardagron to hatchling and gone to Scavenger. When i use him, he replaced my Hoardagron with another my pet. Step by step: 1) i upgraded Hoardagron in hatchery and equiped it there (not from inventory) 2) come to scavenger and used him by "E" 3) i saw my Hoardagron, appeared in his inventory and dissapeared 4) when i watched my charecter i saw that Hoardagron was replaced by previous pet (that was equiped before hatchery) and deleted. Couclusion: If you dont want to lose your legendary pet don't go to scavenger with it equiped after you equip it in hatchery.
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