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  1. your old post: Click Anyway, apparently I was being to cryptic last time, so I will just say "no it does not". This reminds me of Diablo II: "Clicking the gem in the menu gives you a higher magic find chance in game." "Horadric Cube crafting in act 5, gives a higher chance of better crafts." Though diablo 2 didn't help itself in this regard, as item levels were hidden and that had an effect on crafting, as did the level of the player crafting. Forgot my old post :3 but thx
  2. What about chest and boots? and is AP importen for gunwitch ? Helmet i mean Do you think its possible if i can take a look at your gear ?
  3. Does the amount of players in a lobby, do any difference for the percentage for getting 750 gear ?
  4. What about chest and boots? and is AP importen for gunwitch ? Helmet i mean
  5. What about chest and boots? and is AP importen for gunwitch ?
  6. But one more thing. For gw, What storm gear is good for her?
  7. Is storm gloves better then the gloves in bling king ? in my opinion, most cases yes for ranged. the reason is. they are easier to farm, and only the best rolled 750 gloves, and I mean ipwr 750 upgraded to 795 start to out perform them. Now for some classes that might not be the case because of how their abilities work, but for most ranged classes I would say storm gloves are better and easier to obtain. Okay thx :=)
  8. Is storm gloves better then the gloves in bling king ?
  9. So the percentage will not get higher if we are 4 in the lobby ?
  10. Is it true,more players there are in the lobby, more percentage will there be for 750 drop in the specific maps where 750 drops ?
  11. Will the Carnival come before the new year?
  12. Was the wall towers in DD, Trumps Idea ?
  13. Just for youShow Command!-" Show BOUNDS" - Displays bounding boxes for all visible objects (Hitbox) -" Show BSP" - Toggles BSP rendering -" Show COLLISION" - Toggles collision rendering -" Show COVER" - Toggles cover rendering -" Show DECALS" - Toggles decal rendering -" Show FOG" - Toggles fog rendering -" Show LEVELCOLORATION" - Toggles per-level coloration -" Show PATHS" - Toggles path rendering -" Show POSTPROCESS" - Toggles post process rendering -" Show SKELMESHES" - Toggles skeletal mesh rendering -" Show TERRAIN" - Toggles terrain rendering -" Show VOLUMES" - Toggles volume rendering -
  14. I was thinking about this idea when i played today. What if we had a auction house, where everyone could put items in, and sell them for gold. I know there have been this big debate about "Trading". But a auction house will make it more "community" like, instead of someone going in and out of lobbys to sell or find someone who search a specific item, we all could put it one place and see what everyone have to offer :). I think this thread should get attention so we can talk about it. I would like to hear everyones meaning about this, and see what we can get. (Sry if my english isn't that good,
  15. I'm excited for the new contant, can't wait. I love when games colabs, and more when its my fav game:)
  16. Maybe the there hasen been any good things to vote on. But i think all the content they have released in the past months have made them busy, so the votes is taking a break. (Hope you can understand what i mean) :)
  17. I need help for my Gun Witch sphere set. If anyone knows a good sphere combo, pls write
  18. How does the rank even work here, How do i get a higher rank ?
  19. In the future, maybe. But right now they have a contract with Sony. I think thats why
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