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  1. So i noticed the buried bastille had 1020 ipwr recommended for joining it. Is it a bug, or not?
  2. Do anyone know something about the sword??
  3. i will go with crit damage, and for the passives, hero crit chance +5% and witch mark. keep leaving the heromarket place and entering it until you get the perfect roll for the weapon. good luck :D Crit + dmg ? or crit+ap. and thx :)
  4. What will the best passive be on megashark? and what is the best stats you can get on it
  5. Where do i write directly to staff? I need help
  6. The furnace "requires gold ingots" ;) You know how to open it ?
  7. This map is amazing, and looks so nice. I feel so free in this map. Thx for the awesome update Trendy. Sry if this post isnt in the right place. You do you guys think of the name update ?
  8. What time will the update drop tomorrow ?
  9. The part in DD, where you travel constanly to lobbys, to find the right piece. I dont like that part. Thats why i think a auction house will be better. Where you don't need to travel among lobbys to find the right guy. The auction house could be in the tavern or something. You are right about the price, if Trendy doesent give os a price on items, we will need to make priceses our self. And that will be a bit hard
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