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  1. EXP is shared evenly. In that situation he probably completed an achievement when the ogre died (Which can offer huge amounts of EXP, sometimes upwards of 200k) or he has some level 50's in his deck that increased his exp gain (less likely) The builder will also get -slightly- more exp, because of "combo bonuses". It's not a lot, but can add up to 4-5k a map, if you're using elemental combos.
  2. It's not implemented in game yet. The intent is for the up/down add/take away from the "social score" and the star lets you select a MVP. Right now, they're just buttons with nothing behind them.
  3. People need to stop being rude to other players on the forums here, cmon. Anyway, it's based on the blockade being hit, and it has a percentage chance to be healed for X% of the damage it takes per hit. It's about as useful as it sounds, unfortunately. I like the idea of a heal on hero attack better than what is currently in game. Haha.
  4. All of mine disappeared too. I completed one of the 3, so it appears that the quests are still there, just invisible. Unfortunately I can't remember what my other 2 dailies were. :(
  5. Think of it this way: If they sell enough skins, they can hire another employee to focus on developing game content. Gotta make money to make more game!
  6. Kind of sad that it's such a simple formula, I was hoping certain pets would be miles ahead of their "non-DPS" brethren.. Though their DPS numbers are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things anyway, no it's not like it matters, lol. Your research is appreciated! Thanks for putting in the time to figure it out.
  7. You should be able to select End Game Incursion/Onslaught, just keep clicking the right arrow after reaching the end game freeplay option. IIRC, it's Campaign, Freeplay, Incursion, Onslaught, End Game Freeplay, End Game Incursion, End Game Onslaught. Everything after End Game Freeplay has the Nightmare difficulties available to select.
  8. When breaking into NM4, i find that it's a million times easier to start the map with one person, to get the right resist makeup for double lanes, and wave 1 is slightly easier if started with one person. Also, as the poster above me mentioned, slow is super strong. Bonus slow on Serenity and Frosts can't be underestimated. Some of the best groups I've played in, I could take naps between enemies hitting the frosts and getting to the wall. I just think the first wave or 2 are ridiculously hard, because of the way defenses scale vs mob HP/Mobs per wave. Once you get to wave 3, you usually are pretty set (provided you can tank Ogres), since your defenses will be handling the waves far better than the first 2 waves, where most of your mana goes into repairs.
  9. As far as I can remember, double stats don't work, you only get one. If you are gearing toward crit%, go for crit damage. It's a bit underestimated. Or you could go the safe route and roll Tower HP. My personal preference is to gear for Crit instead of HP.
  10. It's just an explosive trap that is good for physical lanes. ?if trip wire buffs it Previously it has had issues with trigger range/explosion range and lower attackspeed and stuff. Basicly it had enough negative shenanigans to make the magical damage/slim chance of mediocre elemental combos feel redundant. Not sure if these have been changed, though. Thus my question. :p Since nobody answered, they fixed most of the issues. Ele chaos now does more damage than Explosive trap, but is slower. Range is nearly identical and it averages out to Ele Chaos doing about 10% more DPS than Explosive trap. It's pretty well balanced, and makes huntress the only viable Tower class for handling phys and ele lanes with one hero. So yeah, Ele chaos no longer sucks. PDT is up in the air, and Fire Bomb is OK.
  11. Are you talking -literally- no exp, as in you checked EXP numbers before and after, and there was no difference? Or was it just no -noticeable- exp? End game is (intentionally or not) tuned to give very very little exp. We're talking like 5-6k for completing a NM4 onslaught. I've not tested other difficulties, but it could be that Hard End Game gives even less than that (like 500-1000 exp a map), which would be unnoticeable, considering levels toward 50 require upwards of 200,000 exp.
  12. Endgame Bosses/Minibosses (Since regular enemies don't even drop loot in EndGame mode)
  13. I'm at 17 tries in a row without getting into the tavern. And the bug report forum is for reporting new bugs. No point in putting this there. This is a discussion about the bug to gauge its impact.
  14. You are less than a week into a patch. I don't think you're meant to cap out in that short amount of time. It's fine. That's right. Remember how long it took to upgrade gear in DD1? Accessories took forever unless you had hoards of mana or coal to trade for mana. Armor took a ton of mana as well. Pets took a lot of mana or exp. It takes time to max out. Some forget that and want everything to happen overnight it seems like. I think it's actually pretty good myself right now. Not too expensive, not too cheap. There are 3 problems with this system, that I can see. First; The exp/gold scaling. If it works like the old EXP, the exp cost doubles every 5 levels once you get past level 7-8. Using the example above, where someone mentioned 50k gold @ level 18, for 2 levels, you're looking at roughly 4 MILLION GOLD to max an item out to 50. (Napkin math) That's 8000 pet eggs. Probably close to 800 hours of play to max out ONE ITEM. I'll take the time to mention that gold income is messed up too. The current best way to make gold is to run normal/hard freeplay, since trash mobs don't drop anything in End game. So if you want to get gold to upgrade your gear, have fun AFKing maps that are 600 IPWR below you! Hope all your gear is the best it can be, because it'll be months before you loot another piece of usable gear. I also think it's ridiculous that eggs currently sell from far more than even legendary gear, but that's neither here nor there. Second; You can't argue that it's meant to be a long term investment, either. The game will probably have expansions with higher IPWR loot long before Average Joe puts in the time to max out a single item. Hell, hardcore players won't even get a single item maxxed before the next expansion. And third; Nobody is going to bother upgrading anything past a point, unless they pick up an item with perfect rolls. Can you imagine maxing an item that took 4 months to get there, and then having a better one drop? Only perfect rolls will get the full use of the upgrade system. Why have an upgrade system with a max level, if nobody can afford to max an item out? Why spend your money upgrading an item that will be replaced? Why bother with upgrades when a similar time investment will give you more reward, in way of items with better base stats? I see 3 solutions; Keep it expensive, remove the cap, and make absorbed EXP transfer when you absorb an upgraded item itself, so it feels like an infinite progression system (Like paragon points in Diablo). Lower the cost and lower the cap so it feels like a worthwhile investment without being overpowered, and not so prohibitively expensive that nobody uses it. Adjust the economy of the game so that the cost of upgrading a single item translates into a more achievable investment of time.
  15. I'm assuming you already updated your drivers to their W10 versions? Yep, running 353.62, clean install.
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