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  1. mostly on blue gear, i haven't checked green. it sometimes happens on purple. I haven't seen it happen on legendary but I haven't farmed much yet
  2. there is no way that you are able to build and get through all the waves on dragonfall in 8 min. that *** is bare minimum a 15 min map if u complete bum rush spam g each wave.
  3. does norwhag bubble shield do more dmg? seems wierd monthly pet would be so much weaker
  4. i only use social taverns to find people who can make walls
  5. honestly I think something is just wrong with nm4 or I am the unluckiest person in the game. i have farmed more on my squire than all three other heroes combined X2. My squire is the weakest out of all of them with 210k walls he nvr seems to get any hearty gear. My leftover gear (695-700 legendarys) have gone to the huntress and a a little bit to the monk. My huntress with just leftover gear from the squire farming is at 738 lvl with 2940 elemental traps... my tank squire has some 2k resistances and yet I cant find hearty gear at all. I farm nm4 incursions and greystone all the time everyday a
  6. are you playing on easy or hard? everyone I play with on hard goes up many levels. I remember when I was lvling my first 50 It took 1 sometimes 2 full rounds to go up a lvl but that was when i was going from 45 to 46 for the first time.
  7. I feel like hard onslaught gives loads of xp. My build lasts around 40 rounds and when someone joins my game as a fresh character they can get to about lvl 45-47 over the course of 4-5 hours. Realistically that isnt a bad timeline. I think last time i played it to 36 rounds I had gained 10.6 million xp.
  8. its only killing people who skipped all that content in the first place
  9. i recall hearing in a devstream that tower speed affects frost tower but only by a small amount
  10. it shouldnt lose health if the defenders are at full hp :/
  11. was doing an onslaught earlier that I vastly outgear and random serenity auras usually one at a time start losing a health percentage every few seconds during the wave. They lose it as soon as the wave starts, if i remake it then they are fine until randomly 10 incursion rounds later they might start losing hp again.
  12. on a side note, i wouldnt mind people leeching if i could build all the towers and bring a dps. When someone joins they typically need to be able to replace one of my builders so i can go on tank or dps
  13. highest gear drop is 700, there is no one good enough to help "her"
  14. i hear u actually do get more xp if u let the secondary objectives go down to open new lanes
  15. i have 2365 explosive trap and 1150 heal with 368% purge 1600/1450 tank 18200/3000 huntress Steam: Mikescout
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