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  1. Tip: Get good. Haven't met a single wall, and i'm iPWR 340 atm. Seriously, if you hit a wall, YOU are doing something wrong. Figure out what it is, don't blame the game, blame the players. If it was the game, others wouldnt be able to progress either.
  2. I am sadly still having this bug. Haven't had a new daily since the patch. I am however full with dailys that don't seem to work. Its not counting the fire and electrocutions. I'm not getting the reroll option either.
  3. Very true. This way game will never come out of alpha. even if 10 yrs pass. i have worked as a game developer in past for a good game company. and the way trendy is working, i am sorry to say this but u will lose your game and players this way. No you didnt, end of it.
  4. Except it's that Betsy Campaign is giving too much XP. A proper fix would only nerf said XP. :P Yep. but should also buff xp on all maps. *** is just way too grindy with all the horrible IPWR. and why end game is locked because you aren't lvl 50 is retarded. There shouldn't be a end game ipwr of 0-150. Thats where free play hard is for. instead you make them. Which means you have 2 SEPERATE lists which search for pretty much the same thing also no shallium shards. like wat. we told you this pretty much on day 1 of the patch..... Just keep reporting bugs. This is Alpha, the game is supposed to be buggy. These things take time, they are allowed to take time. Its pretty amazing that they are hotfixing this fast, but they don't have to. Its ***ing alpha.
  5. You don't care, many others do. Im getting some good EXP on hard, so i don't care about XP fix. i guess nobody cares about xp fix.
  6. Because there are others issues that need to be resolved as well. Fixes you want the most don't have to be the only fixes, or the ones easiest to fix. Have some patience, its pre-alpha, these things take time to get right.
  7. The system is really easy. Every stats weighs different when deciding the Item level. Level requirement weighs the heaviest. So a lvl 20 item has a base Item level of 80 (grey)(making numbers up to show you how it works) A lvl 24 item has a a base item level of 100(grey). A Blue lvl 20 item has extra stats, so it gets 16 extra point on the item level. This brings it to 96. This will still be lower as a grey lvl 24 item, since the base amount it higher. In general, lvl 24 items are better than lvl 20 items, nobody is stupid enough to equip grey and yellow items. While leveling, this might be hard to grasp(no its not, just use your brain). But at lvl 50 this problem won't be there, since lvl 50 items are the max. So at lvl 50, the Item power will be purely based on the stats of the item. TL:DR Its working as intended, you are just required to think before using something.(so hard)
  8. Cmon Danny, lets be real here. Aside from the Esc inconsistancy nothing he mentioned was great feedback. Class item drops? Already happening. Downscaling? Best thing ever. You can ***ing play with your lower level friends without taking the fun away, and its a lot harder to abuse early maps for whatever you need. Do not fire the Downscaling guy, he should be promoted instead.
  9. Xbox can't go multiplatform anyways. PSN has had steamworks before(Portal 2) and that allowed cross-platforming. I hate the fact I'll be playing with unranked. I even went and bought it on steam, but I can't play it. I've put in ~120 hours, or so, not to mention no autoaim for huntress on PC. So, I can't really play on PC. SOO many things wrong in 1 post! Since most is said already, ill keep it to the 1 thing that i didnt see mentioned to you. Xbox and Pc player have been player together for a few years already. Its perfectly fine, and it might have been there even before ps3 had it, but i'm not sure about that. Add to that : Windows Media Center had support for the Xbox 360 almost right from the start.
  10. Running the game on 2 screens should not be possible without Eye Infinity(EI). Even if you wanted just the map to show on the other screen, you would almost always need EI. IF, and that is IF, things like the Map and Hotkeybar are "stand alone" features that are just on the screen, then it might be possible to drag them out of the game and let them show on the second monitor. (This is not some easy drag and drop thing) I know WoW has some Add-ons that support the UI on another screen, you can try it out for yourself in WoW to see how it works out. But all this requires some modding, and i doubt you are allowed to use it in Ranked, and maybe not even Open.
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