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  1. Do you know that Auto Collect organize items for you from legendary to white items? Just keep pressing "G" and leave items laying around. At the end of the game and all of it will be sent to your auto-collected bags and then you can look at your bag. The first items you will will be like that legendary > mythical > blues > greens > white. I don't see a problem with that.
  2. Normally, we get one like this every weekend but it's seems that we don't have a special event this time? As long as I can remember since I joined the game. We ALWAYS have a bonus event EVERY weekend. Did Trendy forget to activate the event or they decided not to do one this weekend?
  3. What's wrong with Auto Collect feature? It does the same for TIB but you need bags to do that. Each bag has "Auto Collect" box and you need to check it in order for it to work. Items that was left on ground will be sent to bags with "Auto Collect" enabled. If it's full then items would be sent to the old scavenger. If you're confused what I was talking about, I'm talking about the new feature that they added in 6.3 patch. You can read other features from Patch 6.3: Inventory Changes Part 1
  4. Care to explain more how you make that much golds? Do you mean 100g from the whole wave or just a small pack of mobs? Do you use gold spheres by any chance? The "unique" gold medium sphere that has a chance to drop piggy banks. I meant the 30% gain sphere one. Does it work towards to 15% chance to drop 100g packs too?
  5. Yep, it's a bit annoying. I hope they'll fix it and I also hope that I'll see new bonus maps and daily quests tomorrow.
  6. That's rather odd and I had no problem with that until now. Normally, I did my dailies and daily bonus maps before 1AM EST so I completed all of them and then I waited until 1AM EST. Still no daily bonus maps and daily quests while my other two friends were able to get new daily quests and as well as daily bonus maps. Keep that in mind that dailies and daily bonus maps reset every 1AM EST at where I live. That's a first for me, did something happen that I may not be aware of? Why did it happen to me and not my friends?
  7. Yeah, pretty sure everyone is completely broken after alpha patch came out, it's difficult to farm golds now with barely any challenges left if everyone else maxed out on their 50s.
  8. Still no words from anyone to see if they have a similar problem. Am I the only one who had this problem?
  9. Hey folks. Earlier today I was rerolling my T2 Serpentagon's one of stats (currently magic resist and defense health) and I decided to reroll my magic resist in hoping to achieve defense power. I was able to get defense power after four rerolls and used 80k golds (20k golds per reroll). It scored 92 defense power and I got excited cause it's the highest defense power I could get on a T2 pet. After selecting the power defense and completed my pet's reroll but it's still showing magic resist. Normally, I would relog and my pets would show it's true stats but that's not the case anymore. My pet s
  10. Okay, a squire player in my party did a small test on this. He was using only two towers with (M) Gold Bonus Sphere IV equipped. He claimed that he saw a bunch of gold bags (not coins) but he said they are vary from 30 to 120 golds of each gold bag at random. He also stated that he barely attacked any mobs with his squire and he hasn't tested it with 30% gained gold sphere yet. That's just from two maps so more tests are necessary to determine the conclusion. I'm going to test myself when I get enough golds for that sphere.
  11. Defenders, I have a few questions about two different kind of Gold Bonus Sphere. (M) Gold Bonus Sphere IV - 15% chance for enemies killed by the hero to explode dropping 100 golds.(M) Gold Bonus Sphere III - Increase gold gained +30%.Now, I've been hearing different story about the 15% chance sphere. Some people claimed that they got lots of bags of golds dropped by monsters that were killed by their towers. I would like a confirmation on that since the sphere clearly say "15% chance for enemies killed by the hero to dropping 100 golds". It sounds like it only can be killed by the hero itself
  12. Care to explain more how you make that much golds? Do you mean 100g from the whole wave or just a small pack of mobs? Do you use gold spheres by any chance?
  13. Oh, it's you. The guy who needed two eggs and was running with me in the game until you got last egg and bailed. I was that monk who attempted insane endgame maps with you and other random monk who wanted to build himself for 80 ogres kill. :P Anyways, back to the point. I guess there's really no alternative to farm golds effectively other than endless onslaught runs? :(
  14. I do recall that I was getting lots of golds before the alpha patch hits. It was at that time I was still new to the game and I had no problems getting golds and I always had enough for pet rerolls, spheres, costumes, and so on. During the pre-alpha time the best way to make golds was rotten eggs which was 2,000 golds each but after the alpha patch they're now about 250 golds each (I think?). Now eggs farms aren't valid anymore as far as I know. What's the alternative way to farm golds effectively? I need golds for my new sphere for my alt ASAP! :(
  15. That's lots of stats I need to get. I would need an insane amount of lucks to get those items, haha. Also, I have another question. What did you mean by "Passive Stats?", are you talking about effects on items? Figured as much. :l
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