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  1. Yep this is pretty mirror to what happend to diablo 3 on launch, ridiculously high difficulty as well as terrible loot system what really turned it around was when they got rid of inferno and the monster power system and replaced it with an easy torment 1-6 format as well as working on a smart loot system to take some of the grind out of people gearing up. Another interesting thing that happend was at one point they had a community event where they increased the legendary drop rate by 100% during which the players absolutely fell in love with, It made playing feel more rewarding you could do
  2. So from most of what i seem to be reading is that the biggest turn off for people is that they feel like they are not really progressing even when they are clearing out maps. I think a big solution to this would be to have the onslaught reward system in normal maps as well where the players get to choose what type of reward they get from the chest at the end that way if players only need gloves they have a slightly better chance at finding something better then what they are currently using.
  3. Who is building walls for the damage they output though? If anything they should gain more health when used in specific lanes.
  4. Why not make the apprentice wall be a ranged reflector instead? So we have a way to help against Javelin or Dragons.
  5. The difficulty is bad overall it turns away any casual players, thats the last thing you want in a free2play game it would make sense if NM4 had a ridiculous difficulty curve but 1-3 are way harder then they should be.
  6. Like the title says how many of you have given up playing until some changes are made to the way the game works?
  7. So does that mean that the current drop rate on normal monsters was not bugged? I assumed this hotfix was going to address it.
  8. Thanks sunshine ^^ Can you go troll some other game instead please? :) Pretyy please:) Thank you :) Honestly, people are frustrated and patronizing people is just going to make it worse just let them get it out of their system and be done with it.
  9. Someone def screwed up with the decimal on values for a lot of things so many effects are screwed as well as cost for things lol
  10. "Hard" Lol everything and everyone was gutted it's impossible to gauge just how different it is when everyones so nerfed.
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