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  1. I've got a whole bag filled with legendary gear that I was saving incase it whas worth using in fusions. I figure at some point I'll give it a try.
  2. Thx for the info Val. I didn't see much value in the fusion system myself.
  3. So I'm starting to play through End Game Insane mode. I know next to nothing concerning item fusing. I tried it a little before the wipe and it made no darn sense to me. At what point in the game does item fusing become important? As of now, I just play the next level and pickup up better items so I don't see the real value in fusing items yet if a couple of levels later I can just pickup better stuff. Is there a guide online that explains the fusing process? Does using legendary gear to fuse have better results than plain gear? Should they be the same type of gear? Thx
  4. I can confirm this as well. All legacy gear buff stats at sub 1% values. Makes them much less useful.
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