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  1. Everytime stuck at gates. gobu. And they blame us for not comming out. It's just to tight.
  2. @LJMjollnir Just imagin how many goblins could eat that. gobu
  3. One good part of this new forum is, finaly pictures are displayed neatly!! gobu Also there are now Gobu emoji to use for everyone! To express your feelings with the help of the legion.
  4. There used to exist some 3d model figurines, which was awesome, but not anymore i belive. Someone also made some dolls of the heroes.
  5. Oha new forum, gobu. Wonder how this will gobu out.
  6. Resets got slower for sure compared to before, but i wouldn't say that it got harder per se. It's more like you required to be abit prepared for some certain situations like boss waves. Which can be achieved by using a defense for specialy it. Though i do hear from quit a few people complaints about the difficult, specialy of the boss waves and the newly added frost keep map in onslaught. I personaly find these extremly challenging on high floors too but rewarding when i can overcome them somehow. The frustrating part are more duo to the dragon spawning bug on frostkeep though. Where sometimes even 2 dragon spawn at the same time making it incredible hard. I miss you alot though Pandy gobu. If you come back Mama and gobu are waiting for you in a special room =). Gobu gob.
  7. The legion was spying on trendo, we found them!!!! https://www.twitch.tv/trendyent Don't miss the pirates arr~~ 
  8. Gobu gratulations! Gobu And gratso again Marcos! You were born to make History!
  9. Yar har, fiddle de dee Being a goblin is alright to be Do what you want 'cause a goblin is free You are a goblin!
  10. Yep someone told me he got it, gobu. The legion might be able to snatch another treasure from trendo away until the start of the strim. But we need to know the wae of the Pirates, gobu. If we could fuel the inspiration of the treasure digging gobu by posting memes from at last 20 different defendi bois and grills then i am sure the legion can manage to grab another code! Gobu
  11. Harr Harr Gobu! While Trendo is preparing new Skins for the legion and are all over the maps, some goblins managed to infiltrate boldly and it was a huge success. The legion found a huge chest and inside was a Mystic Hero code! Like with foods, first comes first gets. Gobu. May Trendo spill some tasty beans today on strim! Yar har, fiddle de dee Being a goblin is alright to be Do what you want 'cause a goblin is free You are a gobu! Mystic: V4U9A-EQBA0-W2T0R-OKBHS-MGMUF If the code is used, please write here, gobu.
  12. Nice one Seph! But what the legion is scared of the most is Betsy! Gobu
  13. The legion cries in fear of these Omega shards. Still we can't wait that they come. Gobu Omega shards gobu.
  14. A song about onslaughter floor climbing. Literally gobu. 
  15. Wha i got screenshoted! Here one picture of a Floor 700 God Marcos. Gobu
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