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  1. It does sound bugged from what you just said though so wait for it to be fixed before calling it OP. Also I kinda like the idea of having Mods all being strong so that you are really exciting to get a goot Mod and change your gameplay. I find that system a lot more interesting than how shards interact.
  2. I've had it one shotting my barriers too, very fun. It's the mods doing that but I suppose they are supposed to do damage only to enemies not to the entire planet.
  3. Well if the rollback simply uses an old backup of the state of all characters logically it should also give you back the opportunity to redeem your stuff. It's not like your characters are put back in their former state, it's more like the entire server is loading an older save of the game so to speak. I doubt there's reasons to worry.
  4. I was about to write an awfully long post and I thought you know what, let's make it very short. So here is a simple question: What is the direction the game is currently taking ? What are the plans for now in terms of content in particular (maps, characters, items etc.) ? We had many teasers of new maps years ago that looked for some almost finished, the next hero was talked about quite a bit as well (though I feel maps would be more welcomed right now). I just hope that the next update is not another re-work of a feature that has been already reworked several times and I can't help but think that it will be actually the case with the pets being the re-work this time. Please content ? Edit: typo
  5. The thing is that difficulty can sometimes impact the fun aspect of a game. In this case balancing is not the issue since trials update but clearly fun is. (actually since Siege Roller update to be accurate, a year ago, yay!). The real challenge in the game at the moment is to have the patience to play it. Suffer through the enormous list of restraints the game put onto you to get "stronger" to then get in other difficulties with even more things you can't do. It's almost like playing a RPG and starting the game at lvl max and as you play the game your character end up being able to do only one thing. That's not fun.
  6. Also making an update that simply makes all the past updates absolutely irrelelvant is quite a funny idea. It would be like having an update in a MMO saying "You know what ? Let's make that XP is now useless, let's put everybody back to level 1 it gonna be fun". I always hated Ascension really badly for the obvious lack of inspiration it is and the absurd grind it is in the end and I find it really funny that now it's simply pointless to get the strongest shards in the game. I can't wait to see 1.3 introducing a revolutionary gamemode identical to chaos that makes both Ascension and Shards irrelevant!
  7. I've been saying that since before the release of the Trials update and everybody said I was crazy and a whiner. And now the community starts to agree that since Trials update the game is going downhill. We lost any sense of fun and the game is just tedious as it stands. I had a lot more fun in the super early day of the early access version of the game (back when water geyser electric aura combo was broken) with so few content. I genuinely think the game has the potential to be great even "only" with the current content but so many design choices are just making the experience ridiculously tedious and simply anti-fun. This is video-game it should be entertaining, not simply difficulty for the sake of it.
  8. I definetly agree with you, I was fine with the system on paper and I'm fine with it in all games I've played (mostly mobile games, but some other indie titles too). But in those cases the massive difference is that often challenges are meant for each map even if they can be slightly repetitive (like always a star being a time attack/life counter but still tailored for each map difficulty). I suggested randomizing challenges mostly because it looks like TE won't make super tailored challenges so if that's the case it's best to have randomized challenges to avoid crazy repetitive situations. As for my thread being too long for the taste of some, nobody forced you to read (or post), it is as long as the current state of the game requires feedback. If the game was fun and perfect my original post would be much shorter, it's just how things work.
  9. Well I know well the problem with feedback not being heard. But I want to be optimistic (maybe naive?) and think that some day they will start to actually listen and not just answer some questions during devstream about super basic things. I have hope because it's the only game of the genre I'm interested in at the moment, the other big one OMD kinda died almost in the egg and I genuinely liked it less for various reasons (mostly the tone and setting, it had a bit less identity/charisma). I just prefer being on the optimistic side and try to be constructive rather than simply giving up entirely.
  10. Hello hello, A decently vocal part of the playerbase seems to have issues or concerns about the newly introduced Mastery challenges and I can share that frustration. So I will try in this post to make a synthesis of the issues and try to find solutions in order to make the game better and move forward. First let's look at what was brought recently into the game, what was the state of the game before the latest (1.2) update and what this update brings to the (war) table: Prior to 1.2 the game was heavily centered around the chaos trials spreaded accross 7 level of difficulties with each difficulty introducing a new type of enemy that requires real adaptability to it in order to succeed any map. The idea of chaos is that the player grind through each difficulty and (very) slowly learn how to defeat each type of enemy while acquiring stronger gear and shards along the way. The most noticeable aspect of it when we consider the introduction of 1.2 to the game is that shards are obtainable depending on the difficulty picked in chaos. Each chaos difficulty has a pre-set of obtainable shards with all difficulties allowing to obtain another 8th pre-set of shards. This means that to obtain a particular shard you need to farm a said difficulty until you obtain the shard which is randomly given which can be very long if you are not in a lucky day.1.2 introduces mastery challenges. The idea is quite simple and reminds clearly of mobile games (mainly). Every (almost) map in the game is available to play in every difficulty but comes with 5 stars to obtain. Those stars are given to the player if he/she succeeds specific challenges such as not selling any defense, having the core intact, building under 30s during each phase etc. The amount of different challenges is finite and not very high meaning that maps will share very often similar challenges, the combination of 4 challenges being different each time (the 5th star is always obtained if all other challenges are succeeded). As I said just before mastery challenges are reminiscent of mobile games where finishing the game is quite easy but the difficulty comes with gathering all stars. In this case stars give very varied rewards such as hero slots, newly introduced customization options for characters or even hyper shards (which are super-boosted shards that can be used only once per character and can't be sold or destroyed). The last two big details that go with mastery challenges are that players have their characters normalized meaning that their stats and ascension boosts are automatically reduced to the level of the difficulty and the mastery challenges give very low regular rewards (very few items and no shards at all). So what are the problems with all this, why the frustration ? First of all as stated above there is a limited amount of challenges available and they tend to be very quickly repetitive.Secondly the challenges are really uneven and some can be extemly tedious to succeed. For example a challenge requires you to never build any barricade-typed defense which can be easy to avoid when you play by yourself but as soon as you play with other people you are sure to lose the challenge over and over and restart the map a couple of times until everybody remember that challenge. So you essentially waste 5 to 10 minutes restarting the map just to start the first wave and in most cases get wiped because you still have all the other challenges to succeed and public games aren't always easy (specially with normalized stats).The rewards and in particular hyper shards are lowering once more the freedom in build-crafting and are so strong that you can't not use them. At the moment there is only Mass Destruction which gives up to +70% defense power to the relic that has the shard inserted. It is simply unthinkable to not use such a strong shard on all builder characters. So yes down the line we get more hyper shards and if we end up with an army of them the customization will be good again but why introducing hyper shards rather than introducing new regular shards to the game and also balance more existing shards ? (some shards are still a lot more used than others for good reasons).1.2 goes against almost the entirety of the content already existing in game. To make it simple mastery challenge uses only your shards (and eventually stat combinations) to determine your strength; yes to some extent you gear as well but once you are geared for C7 that becomes irrelevant). On top of that mastery challenges rewards are not really meant to make your team/account/characters progress but more to get specific rewards, aside from hyper shards that do make a significant improvement in builds most of the other rewards are more "for fun" and doesn't help in any way to succeed chaos trials. In parallel chaos trials give good experience, shards and gear and help your characters/account to progress but that progression isn't used at all in mastery challenges (aside from shards again). There is clearly a big gap between the two main gamemodes that we currently have and it feels like you have to spend a ridiculous amount of time in both gamemodes to get anywhere. All of those problems are a lot bigger for new players or simply more casual players that don't feel like spending 4h per day into the game. I play occasionally and I genuinely feel underwhelmed because I don't have the perfect combinations of shards, gear etc and I'd like to grind mastery challenges. But I need to also grind chaos maps. And both modes still feel very tedious to play and I don't have much fun playing either. What solutions would there be then ? I think the easiest and probably best solution would be to simply merge both gamemodes into one. Make the challenges a "side" content of the chaos maps, make all maps available in all chaos difficulties and make the trial playlists offer much greated reward but using random maps (with chaining victories giving really much better rewards to avoid scouting for the easiest map and play only this one). Lastly I'd suggest to make challenges a bit less extreme and more inspired, and eventually affect gameplay itself like onslaught did (adding special effects to enemies, or players, like chaing speed, health values, damage, number of enemies etc.) and mostly make challenges random every time. The idea would be that 3 challenges (and not more) would pop at random during the preparation phase (before the first build phase when people wait for each other). Each challenge gives a star, and if all 3 are succeeded a 4th star is being given on top of improving significantly rewards of the map (gear, shards, you name it). The amount of stars wouldn't be finite anymore but rather be almost like a currency and you would need to grind stars to get rewards, obviously it would require a lot more stars than the current system to get rewards (like x10) as you would constantly get at least a couple of stars per map (with challenges being easier). But it would still be hard to clear the map perfectly with all stars. I hope you stayed with me and I'd love to hear your idea guys but try to stay constructive, thanks for reading me!
  11. The huge problem is more that some shards are ridiculously overpowered compared to others and with a normalized cap affecting stats the only difference between two builds is essentially the shards. I never had the patience to grind for hours to get the op shards and I end up having very underwhelming character in any mastery challenge difficulty simply because I don't have the super broken shards combinations. And since the game still doesn't give any list of what shards there is and where they are I won't get any better any soon (also because mastery mode doesn't give any shard, what a clever idea really). So I agree with op to some extent. But the real problem is that 80% of shards are meh and the rest is ridiculously overpowered. Funnily enough now are added even more overpowered shards to the game to make this situation even worse.
  12. Also saying that the game is out for 3 years and that the last update was a massive update is two very hilarious statements. The game was in early access for a while, huge difference. And the latest updates were really minor, even the trials update one, the only real addition in terms of content were new enemies and at this point it kinda was to be expected considering the very low amount of enemies we had since the start of early access. This update just like 1.0 and 1.1 is just making the game more tedious and less fun. Devs have a huge problem to figure out what type of difficulty is fun and what type is simply tedious. Hard-counter are not fun specially when there is not enough way to workaround and the hard counters are in every single map, likewise mastery is not fun because the challenges are really uninspired, very repetitive and redundant and add another layer of tedious clunky "features" to workaround. I'm not going into details as the why many things are not working as most have been stated elsewhere but the mastery mode is more than ever heavily focused on 4 premade player and the game makes an awful job at helping you make new friends and stick with them. So the gamemode ends up being an elitist mode for the already super hardcore players and make the rest of the playerbase (which is a huge majority) frustrated once more and with almost nothing to play with.
  13. I had it on every single map (except the very first I did) since the update. It's super convenient :D
  14. I liked at first the mode but when you realize that all maps share the same very reduced pool of special rules to get stars (and therefore rewards) it feels clunky and less fun very quickly. I never had a problem with the limited amount of variations onslaught was offering because onslaught has always been working differently and a truly different gamemode. The thing is that we are happy to play mastery "mode" because it offers us the chance to choose our map, I don't know about you guys but I find that a bit weird/sad that we are happy to finally play again any map we want. It sounds like it should have been a default feature for ages now. I am curious to hear about the other hyper shards besides mass destruction but that is the less inspired reward I've seen in this game. Many people already were feeling very meh about all shards that gives a +% of X that could apply to any build and was so strong that became a must have. And now after community's feedback for months we end up having a "brand-new feature" allowing you to have the same part of the old content you disliked the most but even bigger ? I guess what's cool is that in the long run you will have to choose to have mass destruction or something else (because only one hyper shard at max right ? or I dreamed that part) but if we end up having fortification and all the other (speed, range boost etc) as next shards ... I'm not sure the excitement will be there. Also I feel that balancing will be even more off than ever if we start having such spikes in power in very particular aspects of builds. It will just make already op builds exponentially more op.
  15. True, but challenge without an interesting reward is a problem too. I'm not sure what is currently unlockable excites a lot of players (in particular the most hardcore ones) ?
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