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  1. So a lot of games have it already and probably everybody here knows how it works, but i will still explain it: Basically implementing a sorting function would make life a lot easier. You could sort by: Item Grade, Item Type (Huntress only, Squire only, Totems, etc.). Another idea would be for players to name their bags, for example Bag 1 becomes "Egg" Bag and it automatically only places Eggs in there and nothing else. Don't know if that's possible though. Anybody has another idea?
  2. I have to say a big thank you to Trendy for fixing a bug yesterday preventing literally every lobby I was in to join or start maps in a matter of minutes. Now THAT'S customer service.
  3. Thanks for the feedback! To be fair, this is why we have the Questions for Devstream forum thread. If there's a particular tough question you want to send our way, post it there. I make it my mission to find the toughest, most pertinent questions asked to give to the devs. When you're on a stream and people are flooding you with questions and [[1342,hashtags]], it's difficult to answer them all. If we didn't answer the question to your liking, please let me know via forum PM. In regards to forum communication, most of the discussions that take place are discussions among community members. We
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