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  1. Banned for not having [[4228,hashtags]] in posts. Gotta make it happen :P
  2. Banned so there is just no more damage or war :)
  3. I'd say if legendaries were guaranteed from a kill...it wouldn't exactly be legendary, it'd be pretty common, but that's just me. In most games with a "Legendary" item, it's one that you don't see often ...because it's legendary not "everyone and their mom has one"
  4. Banned because "It's a condition!"
  5. Banned for banning so many people...
  6. banned for no longer having 1414 posts.
  7. Banned for not throwing chainsaws.
  8. http://puu.sh/hxxMF/34771eae69.png Hey, had this 2 times on the last 2 games I've played. Every time I went to be on either wave 5 or complete, insta crash.
  9. This sounds really cool at first but somehow I fear this could prevent people from actually buying skins because earning a rare drop-only skin would be more of an effort and therefore more encouraging to show it to others than a purchasable skin that can 'just be bought'. Just from seeing in other games, buyables like skins are likely to just give some supplementary income to the devs (unless it's something that essential such as modes/maps/characters etc.) I'm not saying have like 10 that you have to play for and 10 that you can buy though, like 1 or two that are obtainable through playing while the majority are purchasable. Personally I like the way they did it in DD1, they were cheap but they were also cool (and I was totally sold on them for that) umm.. I don't know if I understood you wrong or you misunderstood what the "pieces" are. Accessories are new parts for the default costume that is divided in pieces to create that kind of system. They will be selling a full costume and then it may have additional accessories to modify that costume and those are the pieces you may buy for a price/piece or obtain from lockboxes. Hope I helped if you misunderstood it. 20$ isn't really that much it would prevent me from buying them all but I think they should be lower because I'm nuts and majority won't spend as much as I do. 5$ in other hand feels too cheap for a full costume unless it's like 5years old and everyone has it already and it's obtainable for free very easily. 40$ for each costume is something... overpriced.. I'd still buy what I want but would kinda feel robbed, especially if there are additional pieces for it that I didnt get already for the 40 and have to pay another 40 for all those. (/( € 3 € )\) Ah, yeah it could be, I was going off of another post I saw (like first few pages I think) so it's possible I misread or misinterpreted and didn't do my due diligence before posting it. I also just saw the "release" vid about the leveling up costumes thing which I think is badass as well. There's just a lot of ways they could make interesting costumes while also encouraging more play in the long run too (which I think maaay be the case now) Pretty much how they have it now I think is pretty cool, the get costume and then level up with Mythical Accessories (still not sure whether that is having to get each accessory or if it actually just levels up by playing though, haven't found out.) So, having a premium skin (buyable) and then making it also progress by doing more playing kind of covers two bases, revenue as well as keeps people playing to get the skin maxed out I guess. I love the DD1 skins they had, but had they been 20 I'm not sure I would have bought them unless they were in a pack or something, I'm aware of how much work goes into the modeling, unwrapping, texturing, animating etc. but 20 is a lot for one skin Unless it's super freaking badass :P
  10. Banned because you have more posts than me.
  11. I totally bought all those skin/expansion packs in DD1. I haven't played DD2 in a while (busy with stuff *cough*gta5*cough*) but I'd love to be able to have my best gear on and just have for each piece a Costume slot. That way I can have an awesome costume but not suffer for it stats wise. For me, I'd say for a costume, if it's a badass one I'd shell out 5-15 (5 if it was just a skin, 10 if it was a full new thing with it's own animations, 15 if it's got something cool attached to it, an emote or whatever for example) But the people saying do 20-40, as much as you say that now I do wonder how many people would ACTUALLY buy them or if they would be more, "I'm waiting for that 'PERFECT' skin" which may never come therefor they may never spend that money that they said they would. Also, I definitely believe it should be a full set not like 5 per piece of how ever many pieces for the complete set...that's just going a bit far imho. One of the ways they could also keep the game going for a long time is including the "possibility" to get a costume piece just by playing (maybe specific events/challenges/achievements etc.). Of course, quite low drop chance but at least it would give something to grind on in the post game (not end game, like after you may have most of what you want and conquered it all). These ones should obv not be purchasable as it would give people "status" symbols to aim at.
  12. I applied and have been on team speak for a bit now :D
  13. Yea, that's what I thought as well. Got told about the combo button change and went to play in a random assualt figuring I could still turtle but get webbed like before, and nope, went to pop it got a harpoon in the face
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