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  1. I don't have the towers leveled to C7 to help right now; Mastery is one of those things that once completed there is no need to go back. I was able to solo every single mastery mission and you can too with a few pointers to help your journey: 1. have at least 3 different good walls and a hero that can solo a lane (I used barb mostly) in case there are 4 lanes for the mission. 2. farm for good shards (Gilded not needed but helpful) and mods (shoot for at least 6/10 if possible) on at least 10 towers, 3 traps (bees are a trap), 3 nodes, 3 aura, and the 3 walls mentioned in #1. 3. expect the 30 second timed missions to take a few tries (maybe up to 5 tries) to get down. 4. if struggling on a particular mission take a break for a bit and farm for better mods or shards to break it up, this will only help future mastery attempts. 5. I took a lot of notes on best tower builds while doing mastery and had to figure the defense unit costs prior to a build to finish a few of the missions. 6. have fun! The challenge of mastery I really enjoyed and wish I could do it again if the hyper shards dropped again with doing it again!! Good Luck, build well, Ramshead
  2. Your question is a little confusing to me but I will answer it the way I am reading it. First there is no C8; it stops at C7 then you go to onslaught 30+ to rarely pickup C8 Amps to upgrade your relics to C8. For the last half: Gold Bars (I'm assuming cause gold drops everywhere) can be found in Spooky maps (I usually farm Siphon D Site) and then crystals like the Shiny Ruby clusters can be found in Dungeon style maps like Unholy catacombs would probably be the most popular one. Also below I added a DD2 wiki link if you would like more info on this: https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Tinker_Materials
  3. I remember this one as it was the only one I had to make notes on to complete. Luckily for you I still have my notes! Facts: you have 800 DU to build with, can only build towers, and must have 10 different ones on the map. My Solution: build all towers near the crystal and use a frostbite tower with frosty power, destruction, and deadly strikes shards, then def rage, def power mods(this will buff everything!) I went with 6X Earth shatter for main damage (360 DU) and 3x Cannon towers (90 DU) = 450 DU to have 2xearth shatter and one cannon for each lane. Leaving 350 DU to build 8 other towers. The other towers I went with are: 1 PDT (40du) 1 Skyguard(50du) 1 Hailstorm(40du) 1 Ramster(50du) 1 skeleArhers(40du) 1 Ballista(60du) 1 Obelisk(40du) and the Frostbite(30du) mentioned earlier. Then the trick is to have good range on the Earth shatter and point them to where they are hitting enemies before they can target the towers. I picked upgrading the Skyguard early to help a lot with all the fliers you will have on 3 lanes. and run around the outer perimeter with you hero to kill as much as you can. Build image attached. Have fun, Ramshead
  4. When I open Mythical Defender packs after the update there is no animation of items ejecting from the chest and you are unable to confirm your loot or open another while the timer is still up. Once the timer ends you are getting the loot but without seeing what it was. Also, the forum thread says March 7th but it is the 13th. *Update* I verified the game files with steam and rebooted my machine but the same problem persists.
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