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  1. I don't have the towers leveled to C7 to help right now; Mastery is one of those things that once completed there is no need to go back. I was able to solo every single mastery mission and you can too with a few pointers to help your journey: 1. have at least 3 different good walls and a hero that can solo a lane (I used barb mostly) in case there are 4 lanes for the mission. 2. farm for good shards (Gilded not needed but helpful) and mods (shoot for at least 6/10 if possible) on at least 10 towers, 3 traps (bees are a trap), 3 nodes, 3 aura, and the 3 walls mentioned in #1. 3.
  2. Your question is a little confusing to me but I will answer it the way I am reading it. First there is no C8; it stops at C7 then you go to onslaught 30+ to rarely pickup C8 Amps to upgrade your relics to C8. For the last half: Gold Bars (I'm assuming cause gold drops everywhere) can be found in Spooky maps (I usually farm Siphon D Site) and then crystals like the Shiny Ruby clusters can be found in Dungeon style maps like Unholy catacombs would probably be the most popular one. Also below I added a DD2 wiki link if you would like more info on this: https://wiki.dungeondefend
  3. I remember this one as it was the only one I had to make notes on to complete. Luckily for you I still have my notes! Facts: you have 800 DU to build with, can only build towers, and must have 10 different ones on the map. My Solution: build all towers near the crystal and use a frostbite tower with frosty power, destruction, and deadly strikes shards, then def rage, def power mods(this will buff everything!) I went with 6X Earth shatter for main damage (360 DU) and 3x Cannon towers (90 DU) = 450 DU to have 2xearth shatter and one cannon for each lane. Leaving 350 DU to build
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