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  1. You understand the Gobu Defenders is basically a ton-ton sleeping bag? It might start out as a joke, but people will want this!
  2. Hi, I haven't been able to get on almost all week because of this error. it says my account isn't authenticated.
  3. my suggestion is to move ability 4 heal to a bound key like (h) and to give every hero another ability or tower to make up for it. the reason for this suggestion is the thought of, how many people actually use the heal ability that aren't using tank squires. it's just not so important as its position seems to make it. the alternative to this is add more spheres with healing and other benefits.
  4. yeah, me personally, i wanted lavamancer to win. lava is awesome
  5. so we know that gunwitch will most likely be without towers, but that she'll receive extra abilities. i was thinking maybe they'd give her different guns or bullets to switch around with. like, she could have a shot gun, sniper rifle, and six-shooter as her 3 regular abilities, then the alternative abilities in place of towers could be bullet types? except everything be weirdly named and witch themed, like black cat pellets and bat blasts. each bullet type and gun combination affecting different enemies, or numbers of enemies differently. would make for a very variety styled hero!
  6. i agree with the original poster. maybe it's that the trend of app games has spoiled F2P games for me, but i think the old model of pay for game, pay for heroes was better
  7. it's funny to look at the recent votes scores. while the gunwitch did win with sheer vote numbers, the lavamancer had half as much with half as many people. proportionally, they are probably close to tied.
  8. the "cat"apult... someone get me a picture of adam west with his cat crossbow stat!
  9. i'm thinking lavamancer gets salamander trap, fire mode does slowing and medium fire damage, and hard mode does high knockback and physical damage. gunwitch gets black cat traps that do super super quick light damage, and bat swarm tower that slows all in range, does tiny damage, and heals for 50-100% of damage done. barbarian gets wolf pack, which does light damage, but increases with additional wolves in close proximity and adds a bleeding status for no healing allowed. what are you guy's suggestions for new towers? want to do ones for heroes not yet up for re-release, go ahead, so many good ideas
  10. the gunwitch might get towers like black cat trap, attacks super super quickly for light damage bat tower, slows enemies in range and does tiny damage, but heals for 50-100% of damage done
  11. i'd like to see a salalamder that slows and does fire damage. my reasoning; salamders are associated with mud (mudkip) and fire in most lores. but it could also harden and flatten out, becoming a tail slap trap. <-- say that 5 times fast!!!
  12. who did i miss? i didn't include first game characters, gender bent, or the 4 added, didn't want to type it all lol
  13. original poster is totally correct. the game can't hold a candle to it's prequel. from mob problems, loot being scarce, loot being crap, pets suck, spheres suck, ubers suck doubly so, and there's such a meta of frostboost traptress that the game aint fun. and i have over 200 hours from the beginning.
  14. actually, she has more votes, but proportional to people lavamancer is winning
  15. what is your favorite moba hero you want them to bring back (no rider, for obvious reasons). spirit warrior, driad, orc chief, kobold king, lavamancer, crystal warrior, man and machine, prisoner, spider princess, or gun witch! me personally, i want spirit warrior to win
  16. just imagine though guys, there were almost 24 heroes in the moba, and i believe only 2 have been recycled so far (the rider into the egg boy) and less likely (the prisoner into the sphere master). that leaves, spirit warrior, orc chief, kobold king, rag doll, gun witch, spider princess, crystal warrior, lavamancer, and more! oh, and the abyss lord is definitely the summoner, check out my really old evidence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BKNFV9j9f4
  17. the carnival wheel was never an issue with me either. one, because i only got 3 peices of armor from it and they all sucked. and 2, because even playing a good 5 hours i only got maybe 10-15 shots a day and the statistics of getting an armor piece were what, like 2.5%? i'd rather just see a return to the loot system in DD1, where you got massive amounts of loot and had choices. during the dungeon you have one armor set, and after you have another, or you've mix and matched with other heroes or even other people! that was way better than getting MAYBE 5 items a round.
  18. i'd rather just have enough loot to have options. and make more money. you only get maybe 2-3000 gold per game, and that's if you sell everything you pick up.
  19. when did they add this passive? I haven't heard anything about the dummies being able to teleport enemies. and i haven't found any items with that passive.
  20. Hero deck was not an issue for me, i quite like being restricted, and most of the heroes towers suck at this point eitherway, so having 2 builders, and 1 dps huntress is quite enough. not "mixing up the meta", but getting rid of the meta. no passives on items, just a return to DD1's stats system, with the old DD2 skill point system in place. along with no Fundemental changes to towers functions, but instead adding to them. for example, no frostbite towers doing the work of the boost aura, instead one skill gives it freezing crits and another gives it wider area, or narrows its beam to only the highest damage enemies. yes, lots of loot. DD1 and DDE levels of loot. not this 3 and 5 items a play thing. i want to fill my bags and have to sift through to find the best loot, put together matching outfits for a bonus, and upgrade them without going to that creepy hobbit guy.
  21. There is, but only if he is given some more ability. all he needs is to reflect ranged attacks. that alone could make him the physical anti air tower. make his reflect chance depend on his spin cycle. he has like 4 or 5 speeds, the faster the better. give it like 15% each speed for a max of 75%. that's not bad.
  22. My opinion, drop the meta. no more passive items, bring back the skill levels. but do change them up. and no frostboost tower. it makes no sense. skills should build off a towers ability, not give it other towers ability.
  23. they should have kept it pay large to play. i abhor micro-transactions in popular, non mobile games
  24. and have a cats tail sword too. one that looks fluffy and cute. in fact, let's just give the squire a whole outfit that's pretty
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