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  1. @iamisom quote:1) What about special alienwarearena skin? ; 2) Pvp ,capture the flag; 3) Special place were you can take more mana like dd1 mushroom grandfather for build towers; 4) Add steam works mods; 5) Add more heroes and more skills for pirate; 6) Voice chat +7.1 sound system ) ; 7) More perfomance options; 8) New type pets,more maps; 9) Dynamic change of day and night,weather effects; 10) Skins craft system; 11) Weapons effects like fire,cold,water,chain lightning,dropping power of the earth,stun; 12) Cards steam,backgrounds,more achievements.
  2. I have monthly progression (11/75 skeleton, 75/75 legendaries and 25/25 insursions) i hardly farm this goals because want bear pet and tokens and now i can't continue goals so 27 october i have too Bearkira code and what about tokens?
  3. Question 1: How about pause bottom?Because game like this some times need pause,when friend lose internet connection and reconnect i can't pause game. Question 2: Can later see spectre mode?It will be very fun) Question 3: When you hatch yours egg,can future cancel and change egg?(Because my friend don't know abous first quest fast hatch egg and begin hatching 8h egg and can't cancel :( ) Question 4: Have some bag with system invate friends when they can connect if they stay only in private tavern :( Question 5: If you buy sphere in Gran Master after you can't sell them if need,in future add selling system?
  4. How about add 7.1 sound option in more options?
  5. Question 1: How about old system drop like DD1 when you can drop item yours friends or other party members and trade with them? Question 2: What about this bug or someone else?When you equip iteams like hemlet or any other don't like staff you can't see this iteam on yours texture hero because they don't change :(Because i know in old DD1 when you equip any iteams yours texture hero details change too. Question 3: For lvl up we have auto skill up,in future this system lvl up was edit and be like dd1? When player chose skills what him need.
  6. Hi all 1)How about steam trade iteams system? 2)Add 7.1 sound options
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