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  1. No I was the host there was nothing around the crystal at the time =( Not even archer at the walls....
  2. Nah was standing infront of the alchemist "machine thing" along with my mate. Plus it went from 100%->0% nothing on the kill cam either =((((. So devo. Still would like Trendy to at least acknowledge that this is a problem!!!!!
  3. Can we get some word from a Trendy employee or something to at least acknowledge that this is still a problem?
  4. I swear in the patch notes at some point this was clarified as fixed... They need to know that it isn't..... yep. get used to it. not a single word about it from a dev or anything as far as i can tell either. just another thing being swept under the rug for later if at all.
  5. Hey trendy just like to say thanks for NOT FIXING THE BUG WHERE UR CRYSTAL RANDOMLY GETS DESTROYED. 5hrs and random crystal destroy at 1100/7416 @ wave 25, fix your s#$% seriously that was meant to be fixed so many patches ago. This is appalling to spend that much time and get killed by a bug so close to a giraffe. So stupid to loose to something like this.... So my question towards trendy...anything you guys can actually do for us? I mean the crystal was full health and we were almost finished this is so lame!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. You missed this. Thanks <3333 Blind as a bat sometimes haha
  7. Well this semi-confirms this if anyone was curious... This was posted in the 7.14 patch notes. *Incoming Damage-Knockback is now reduced as an exponential factor of Armor Resistance
  8. Hello all, My friend and I recently tried an Isane UMF, the problem however was that it appeared that trendy has increased the monster knockback or at least the ogre / ninja's, has anyone else noticed this? We were trying to stand in the aura's and we kept getting punted by ogre's like 3-4 cm (1 inch for Americans) on screen back out of the auras making us die pretty much to ninja's swamping us outside the auras. I for some reason don't remember it being like that pre 7.14. Is somebody from trendy able to confirm or are any other players noticing the same thing?
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