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  1. My armor, which I bought from other players and poured millions of mana into upgrades, gives me the important stats at 1.5k. I've beaten all but Ramparts and Summit on Nightmare as far as the main campaign goes, and I frequently grind survival on Alchemical Lab and Armory for mana. Never once have I seen a piece of Mythical armor that wasn't trash. So if you DON'T buy 1.5k armor from other players, you can't even beat these levels. Then even when you can beat these levels, you have zero chance of finding something to help you progress further than that. This is simply incorrect. I say that from experience. Magus Quarters NM can be done in Godly armor, and you can break into NM using Magus Quarters Survival. Oh and this was done after Goblin Copters were added. Is it the best way? No. Is progression still broken? Yes. Is buying armor or King's Game the only ways to break into NM. Nope. There are other ways. In general (and not everyone), but most people, just want the easiest way. Now that King's Game is out, people seem to be under the impression that it is the only way to break into NM now. It's just not true. It's the easiest, yes. The only? Nope.
  2. I don't usually post on the forums here but I felt compelled to comment on this one. Up above, someone commented that Trendy is catering in and caving into the elitists. I disagree (for what that's worth). My best character is my tower squire, that has approximate stats of 1000/1250/500/700. My other characters are a bit under that. I used my tower squire, aura monk, EV and DPS monk and was able to clear HCNM King's Game on my second attempt. Not only that but, I can AFK the last 2-3 waves with 0 worry of anything going wrong, with 2 characters in the game (I use an XBox controller to dual log so I can farm better). Now perhaps I'm out of touch here, but I don't think my stats remotely qualify me as part of the upper class of elite players. I have never bought a single item from any player shops. I gained all my Mythical gear myself. I actually started on HCNM Magus Quarters back when my squire had like 400/400/400/400 stats and pushed myself into NM from there (after Goblin Copters were added mind you). So, accusing Trendy of catering to elitists is just silly. The simple fact is the map is ridiculously easy and the quality of the rewards is grossly disproportionate to this difficulty. Oh, and to the comment above claiming all these things like Sharken and Copters broke the game. That's just silly. All enemies in the game can be countered with proper builds. And again, this is not from someone with 4k stats, or 3k stats or even 2k stats. The above comments represent my opinions and my experiences. Take them for what you will.
  3. Small update. I'm not sure if this was the problem , or if something got fixed, but my characters appear to be saving themselves now. After reading this entire thread, I decided to validate the integrity of my install as others have done. 2 bad files were found (Good thing someone suggest this or I would never have attributed it to this problem). After validating and correcting, I created a new character, exited, went back in and it was there. I did this every few levels to check and because I was paranoid. Thus far, the characters appear to be saving now.
  4. I can connect to the trendynet easily and can create charcters´╝îand even play with others. But everytime I exit and restart the game, connect to trendynet,I find my charcters gone! During the game I've see the saving circle,please tell me why this happened? I want to play it very much.THANK YOU:skeleton: I am getting this exact same issue, and I am not amused. Level a new character up to level 10. Got disconnected, came back and my characters were gone. As a test, I then created another new character, exited and started again and guess what? It's gone. There are no crashes involved here. No incorrect means of exiting the program. This is a serious issue. I hope there is a fix in the works as well as some way of restoring these characters that have vanished into thin air.
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