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  1. First off, starting a thread off by insulting/critisizing people is not the correct way to go about things. Secondly, making a thread demanding a Trendy response is also not correct. Thirdly, the thread has devolved into name calling and personal attacks. None of the above are allowed or tolerated on the forums. Please do not message me saying"but this thread did it" or anything of that nature. We, the forum team, are human. We cannot stop every post or every rule breaker, but when we do find them, we try to resolve the issue and let the thread continue. That option isn't available here. In th
  2. Not true. I read only on the weekends. That's how I relax. Is that combo'ed with a ball gag? Never took you for a masochist. The safe word is "Dryad"
  3. Try copying the code then pasting it in the box. Make sure you don't include a space at the beginning or end
  4. Try repairing your DD2 files on Steam then try again. Also, make sure your firewall or antivirus is not blocking the connection. Thanks
  5. If you don't report them, how can you expect them to get fixed? QA can't catch every bug, so please report any bugs you find. Thanks :)
  6. I would like to apologize for letting you guys down. The forums should be a place where you can express your thoughts, ideas, builds, etc about the game, negative or positive, without having to worry about being attacked or trolled. I'll be more vigilant in the future. Sorry fam.
  7. The invite link works fine for me. https://discordapp.com/invite/0Y6xKo5LU7MSDGI7
  8. The best thing to do would be to send a ticket to Customer Support with your old Steam ID and new Steam ID and see if they can work with you. No guarantees that it is possible, though. Thanks :)
  9. Now I have "A Whole New World" stuck in my head
  10. Please send a ticket to Customer Support with your Steam ID. Thanks :)
  11. This one of those "hot topic" issues, so people will always feel strongly for one side over the other. The following paragraph is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of TE: As it has been stated (in many threads previously and to come, I am sure) it is a F2P game and has to make money to pay the bills somewhere. The heroes for gems ($) OR defender medals (in game) and the costumes was the best way I think this could have been implemented and I don't see this changing. All opinions, as long as they are constructive and well thought out, are welcome.
  12. Interesting. Thank you for the post :)
  13. Sometimes usb devices can cause issues or interfere with other programs. Glad you resolved the issue :)
  14. Hello :) Have you tried verifying your files on Steam? Go to the Steam client ->Library -> Games -> Right-click on DD2 -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of game cache Let me know if that resolves the issue. Thanks :)
  15. This is a steam issue, not a DD2 issue. Please contact Steam support. Thanks :)
  16. I'm having this same issue. Will I lose anything if I reinstall? No. Info is saved server side
  17. Hello, It sounds like a connectivity issue or graphical lag. Make sure you have the latest driver updates for your PC and make sure nothing is downloading in the back. You could also try playing on a lower graphics settings. Let me know if any of these things resolve the issue. Thanks :)
  18. If you checked the Scavenger, your mail, etc and you cannot locate the pet, please submit a ticket to Customer Support with your PSN or Steam ID. Thanks
  19. Try reinstalling or repairing the game via Steam and see if this resolves the issue. Thanks :)
  20. Interesting. Thanks for the post, I'll be sure to let Isom know.
  21. This could be caused by many things, not just EV. Can you give anymore details? Check the help desk section for possible solutions for crashes.
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