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    Item Check Thread

    May I have this checked please. https://imgur.com/a/FlTY1Dd Thanks
  2. In response to CrzyRndm's message on previous page. It seems I misunderstood the earlier question about the multiple types of characters and gave a reply according to how I understood it at the time. Regarding the approach you described I see a couple of possible issues too, at least when I consider how I use my characters. While my roster does handle several different roles, there is normally only one role for each character. As an example: I'll define rule sets for a builder and a fighter in comparer settings. I start a map, build it, and swap to my fighter for the combat. Now at some poin
  3. Thanks for the reply. Regarding the flaw with multiple heroes... One way to approach this could be to make the comparer settings separate for each character on the account. Then during comparison process the comparer would need to compare a new item's score against list of score values created from equipped items of same type across all characters on the account. If the new item's score exceeds any score on the list then the item is a potential upgrade to at least one of the account's characters. This however can create another inconvenience as sometimes the player may want for example to ke
  4. The opening also brought up matter with the item comparer. Reading this thread I haven't seen too many replies addressing that so here is my thought on the matter. Currently the comparer tries to make decisions fully automatically without any input or guideline from the individual player and as mentioned it often leads into results that don't suit the player's needs. In my opinion a better approach to this would be to allow the player to give s general ruleset based on which the comparer makes its decisions. For example, an "item comparer settings" button could be added to character gear ove
  5. _Xq_

    Item Check Thread

    And now its destroyed. Thanks for the check.
  6. _Xq_

    Item Check Thread

    I just realized the first screenshot wasn't taken from proper screen. The link below contains full item info. http://imgur.com/r1yqsyk Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. _Xq_

    Item Check Thread

    Hi Can I have item check for my drill. http://imgur.com/vZOTdmv The drill was gifted to me and since another player questioned it, I can't be sure anymore if its clean or not. Thanks in advance
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