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  1. He asked for Video proof, or some screen shots. Saying you've done it counts for nothing. :) None the less, cool, cool. We took a different route. ez pz.
  2. There is a bug (getting patched Thursday 10/29/2015) where goblins on NM4 Incursion Gates of Dragonfall have 1m-1.4m hp each, and about 100 of them spawn each wave. In a different forum post the challenge was brought up to beat this map (while bugged), so we did just that. The original challenge post by Trendybrad can be found here on page 4. https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/127626/no-nightmare-4-difficulty-for-new-maps?page=4 And the video of us beating it. http://www.twitch.tv/vsynd1c4t3/v/22811020 Thanks everyone that was there watching live! :) If you want to see more challenges like this beaten live, follow me at... http://www.twitch.tv/vsynd1c4t3 Also thanks to Toxiccaterpillar for carrying me through hard times. :P
  3. TrendyBrad It was a good challenge, but we beat it. Full playthrough link coming soon. :) -le Full Video http://www.twitch.tv/vsynd1c4t3/v/22811020
  4. Challenge accepted. Come check my stream out, we'll try to beat it.
  5. PATCH DAY HYPE! ... Well at least for the casuals. As a player that use to play 50+ hours a week and would love to continue playing this game and getting new content to enjoy, I feel let down, beaten, and insulted. The Good 2 new maps - LOVE THEM! omg, these maps are beautiful, the art team never fails, and the maps couldn't look any better. The drop chance seems right with there being a boss mob every wave, sometimes 2-3 bosses a wave making the loot drop chance here feel like the best in the game. 8 new Challenges - This is great, Challenges for players gives them something to do other than the normal "Gotta do my daily today". 4 new DPS weapons - Awesome, and they look amazing. Auto-Collect Filters - Nice, nice. Glad to see the bags are still being worked on and improved. Tavern Decorations - Art team = Success Dark Arts Apprentice - Success, beautiful skin. The Bad 2 new maps - The lanes are kinda bland, nothing new/unique really offered or shown with this level design. Also, I didn't get even 1 legendary from the maps. (only played each 1 time.) But after killing 9+ minibosses/bosses per map I felt owed a legendary or 2. 8 new Challenges - The Challenges while nice, are easy, and not too Challenging. 4 new DPS weapons - Drop rate... and with them only being iPWR 550, I don't see them being anywhere near as good as the current NM4 content. Trick or Treats - To me the Tricks feel more rewarding than the Treats. Trick - You get to fight a new boss, and still get loot from the boss. It's probably the same roll chance as the Treat, but you get the added benefit of fighting a new mob, which is fun and rewarding... like a Treat. Difficulty - I saved the worst for last. This is the biggest fail I've seen in a while. New event, but it's not suited for NM4 Players... No words. ---------------------------- I feel bad, I just want Trendy to succeed and make right decisions, but... they aren't.
  6. Whoever made this decision should be fired. "NEW CONTENT COME PLAY IT!, oh you are on NM4? sorry this event isn't for you. You've played 500+ hours and have full NM4 gear and were ready for a new event challenge? Sorry, we are targeting a certain audience, and you (the 50+ hours a week player) are not it."
  7. Goes off of Apprentice that put down the Frosty Tower's Defense Power.
  8. I couldn't agree more. I'm sure many people are confused on where to go after Campaign and reaching level 50. There are just so many useless options (unfortunately) when looking at the Wartable. I have an idea of how I'd like the route to be changed, but just an idea doesn't mean it will get put into the game, so I'm just sittin on it.
  9. I'm not going to get into this with you. Just know I've done the math, and I have included the factors.
  10. I totally agree, balancing this game shouldn't be as hard as they are making it. And with DD1 experience under their belt, they shouldn't be having this many issues.
  11. They plan on doing a full gear wipe/reroll at full release. (my guess) ----------------------------------------------------- Also, to the OP. [[118966,users]] Some people have 500+ hours playing this game. I myself have that many hours, and have gone through many types of "meta" builds. Currently it's traps and DPS App/Huntress. How do we figure out what the best build is? Simple. DU Cost > DPS = Don't Use DU Cost < DPS = Always Use DU Cost = DPS = Maybe Use 2 Elemental Chaos or Explosive Traps cost 40 DU (2x 20 DU each) FlameBurst Tower cost 40 DU So if 1 Elemental Chaos is doing 2k dps and 1 Flameburst is only doing 3k dps, which is better? The Elemental Chaos. Why? Find the common denominator. 40 DU = 2x Elemental Chaos = 4k DPS vs 40 DU = 1x Flameburst = 3k DPS. And DU cost of Frosty Power also comes into play, but I wont go into it, cause this post isn't worth that much effort. /Mathed
  12. Feel free to pass this guide along, post it wherever you need, post it as your own guide, or cite it if you want. Just get the information out there to help the newer players get to the end game. Also, have fun!
  13. To unlock the different chests styles you have to play as the apprentice and "level up" your costume. This adds another dynamic to the costume system for players wanting to show off they didn't only buy a costume, but they also wrecked content while wearing the costume.
  14. If you COULD go from NM3 to NM4 in 15-25 hours of gameplay, then the devs would have done something wrong. This is suppose to be hard, you need a well balanced well geared w/passives team. If any casual could go in and beat all the content in the game within 50 hours of gameplay, there wouldn't be much of a game. Advice? Do your daily loot bonuses, get Mythical or Higher gear w/Builds, and try NM4 again. You shouldn't beat NM4 with NM3 Greens and Blues.
  15. Yes, having 4 different characters means more tower types. More tower types = more options when it comes to defending lanes. 1. EVERYONE needs a Waller Squire. the other 3 are just up to you, but just remember you need Physical AND Magical damage with your towers. And if you want a DPS hero, you are going to need a slot for it as well.
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