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  1. So for the past 2-3 weeks I've been stuck on Chaos 1, which I can farm all day with just some walls and 3-4 fire aura towers. When I try Chaos 2 maps, i rarely make it past the first wave, once in a blue moon do i see the bosses on wave 2. I've also tried leap-frogging to Chaos 3 and make it usually to wave 2 and then lose it all. My main armor is all Chaos 2/3 with around 1k armor on each, upgraded. I'm aware ranged towers only work well in Chaos 2 so my flamethrower towers have a medallion with 3k+ power (chaos 3?) and my PDT towers have 2.4k power (high chaos 2?). My waller has a totem
  2. So I have all 50's and all I can farm solo is Liferoot endgame insane, which drops lvl 44-47 gear. I have a waller squire, tower squire, LA monk, and a hero dmg hunt all around iLvl 180. I've tried NM first map and get rocked every time on the first wave, so I am wondering if there is a better setup. I know I need the waller, would huntress with tower power for physical dmg traps instead of a tower squire for magic resist lanes, use a hero hp/dmg squire in lanes. I haven't bought any uber spheres yet so i have some wyrvn tokens saved up, just looking for some input since I'm stuck. I've
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