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  1. check your messages and email. I am guessing you should have gotten a PM with an activation code in it much like i did when i won.
  2. This last spooky secret is getting rather infuriating! I have looked all over both maps for any hints hidden in the maps to no avail and tried many of the suggestions found on the forum. MUST FIND OUT WHAT THIS SECRET SPOOKINESS IS!!!!!!!! Things I have tried on Temple of the Necrotic: Full Clear without opening any chests (no mana no trick or treat chests) so cleared without defenses or losing any of the sub-objectives.Full clear opening all the trick or treat chests but not killing the enemy that spawns when the chest was a trick.Waiting to kill Maldonis till he is the very last enemyKill Tr
  3. [[4228,hashtags]] [[8744,hashtags]] "Make is so Mr.Sulu"
  4. Update: The legendaries were garbage but some of the epics were actually upgrades for both my dps and trap huntress. Was even able to throw some of the gear on my monk for stronger AA. I am not in the European region, West Coast America. Though if they fix the matchmaking i would be happy to play with ya and kick some ogres out of Etheria! Ya there tends to be a lot of negativity on the forums. Its kinda sad. It took me quite some time to get 6 characters to lvl 50. Then there is the whole getting the "right" gear to drop for each of your level 50 characters...... thats where the real
  5. Glad i could restore your faith in humanity! It takes time, a really really long time, to find the gear with just the right stats that you are looking for. So... is the cup half full or half empty? Personally I think the cup is always full as no matter how much liquid is in the cup the rest is always full of air!
  6. Seeing as my Girlfriend could really care less and I cant currently play with my friends I thought I would share this great news to everyone! I just got further than I have ever gotten in NM4 playing solo in Liferoot! I made it to wave 7/7 then lost to the triple ogres but managed to take one of them with me. My Team comp: Trap Huntress, Frosty Power Apprentice, Barricade Squire, DPS Huntress Managed to finish looting and get back to tavern just before the maintenance started. Have not even had a chance to see if i got any upgrades for my traptress or dps huntress but i am crossing my fingers
  7. Enemies killed by Flamethrower towers don't appear to be dropping any loot, including bosses.
  8. Really like the flamethrower uber sphere to the apprentice towers however i have noticed that enemies killed by the flamethrower tower do not seem to be dropping any loot, even the bosses. Has anyone else noticed this or am I just crazy? Maybe its intentional.... the fire from the flamethrowers is just too dang hot and its incinerating the loot that would otherwise drop?
  9. I know.... I know it has been mentioned a million times but the loot is driving me crazy. I play for the love of the game and for joy of finding that next piece of gear that will push my stats that little bit so that i can progress to the next harder level. Recently I have been trying to get Frosty power and Hearty barricade in NM2 so that i might actually stand a chance in NM3. I don't really use the auto-loot function, while i'm sure others like it, i prefer to dig though the loot when its on the ground and search for the elusive upgrades. This loot cave event has helped a little in gettin
  10. I have been toying around with the Squire Harpoon build in NM1 and NM2. I have found that Splody Harpoon works really well when paired with the Monk's Passives on the Serenity Aura. Purge Evil and Idle Flow work really well with the harpoons! two - three harpoons in a nice long lane with serenity auras spaced out down the lane make short work of the minions and only the bosses have been making it all the way to my barricade.
  11. Personally i have already finished the ogre part of the quest. I found it quickest although rather boring to solo onslaught and just farm golden eggs while killing the ogres.
  12. So I had finished the monthly quest and got the legendary pet. Had been using it on my huntress for a while now and when i log in after being disconnected that pet is gone. nowhere to be found in my inventory or equipped to my characters. I have also noticed that if you swap item places with the golden pet or golden egg it moves the item but then both items appear golden in their display image. Not really related to my missing pet but still an issue that i have noticed. any ideas on what happened to my beloved pet or how to get it back would be much appreciated.
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