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  1. I can't say for sure about the mystic - Shes the class I've played the least to be honest out of all 10. The dryad tree does give everything you were wondering, actually 5% regen over time. The problem is the aura of the tree is so small, and the only time that the buffs are ever useful would be against ogres and siege rollers, which both counter standing around a tree to dmg. You need to start hitting rollers soon after they are out the gates to kill them in time while progressing or you can get in trouble, and if you are dpsing ogres while near your wall, you're going to make them jum
  2. I think it should be even more simplified. I've thought out some points - here are the main ideas (my suggestions *this looks like a lengthy read but really wont take more then 3-5 minutes, please indulge me* - ALL armor should have the same shard slots, green-legendary (2 for weapon and armor, 3 for relics, basically that is a given) green has lowest base stats with 15 upgrades, rare has 30 upgrades, mythic 45, and legendary 60 (yet they are all the same ilvl with the current loot progression, with this system it needs to be). Make legendaries more rare, maybe 1/3 maps you see one, 1/5
  3. Pets need changing, thats been discussed enough without having to say much about it. What about adding an item that only drops off of betsy , or some end game boss comparable that you NEED to have to upgrade your pet to the next tier. Beat her on normal she can go past 10, on hard she goes 25, on nightmare its 45.... Its a way to balance upgrading pets without making them overpowered early through natural progression.
  4. Here's what Blacksmith said in reply to someone on his blog: "Thanks for the reply! Similar to our process with Nightmare, we are currently actively working on the economy. Before if you remember gold was really plentiful and we had a lot of comments of it feeling useless. Now we tried a more aggressive approach and eventually we'd get it in a good enough place! TrendyJayT is actively working on that stuff!" Thanks for the reply on this topic! However, without coming off too brash... you do realize with nothing else to spend gold on since the item shop gear is always TERRIBLE, and paying to
  5. Hehe, I was going to ask the same thing Woq. I've actually checked out your stream synd, It was legit. Can constantly hear you puffing on something the whole time, and you dont give much commentary or have a cam, you should spice it up some dude! The content is great.
  6. Great post :D Expanding on your suggestion of making normal play nightmare not the end game, I have a couple suggestions of my own for consideration; Nightmare having 4 difficulties seemed fine at first... when you didn't need class specific set bonuses, with specific types of stats. It takes so long to get a set or 2 of gear with the right stats to make builds work, and then to progress you're basically throwing away 95% of the loot you get because you need these exact items again with higher IPWR to replace your old ones to continue to make your builds work. This should be the rate of
  7. Trading needs to be viable eventually... even if its like diablo at this point and you can only trade items that dropped with people in your game would be huge. This needs to be something implimented/tested really soon.
  8. have you tried the private tavern over social?
  9. Yeah, I tend to agree, atleast with the brokeness. We farmed the first ogre on nm4 throne room a couple times doing that... tried to complete a nm3 with that setup but didnt have enough overall stats (mostly passives since they arent good/dropping off first wave ogre) but by wave 5ish, kobolds are immune to snare once they are ignited, slowly wittled us down. The gear doesn't need to be changed on this to be fixed though, simply just making the serenity aura effects not stack would be good enough. I expect to see that change real soon.
  10. Since the Phoenix set of gear I didn't get a chance to try fully, but still had pretty significant stats towards all things blaze balloon (LSA and Chaos still felt stronger), and the monk weapon just came out, I'm going to pick on the apprentice and Squire. The apprentice weapon that added attack speed to buffed towers, used to be up to 25% of your total Defense power, and while it may have stacked, it didn't need to since it seems all of the traps and auras cant go below a certain attack rate. In full 850 gear it wasn't uncommon to have 2200-2500 tower power, so lets say it buffed 400-500
  11. Well, I guess when I leveled there werent special passives for characters, and I did level on normal. I did play easy maps though, and of course they were "easy". Switch to normal , you'll get better gear, a little more experience, and maybe the challenge you want :)
  12. I think campaign on a fresh character felt the most challenging in the game until i got my first 50 with just level 38 incursion gear and attempted nm1 endgame. I dont know how much harder you want it, did you defend both sub-cores for max xp? Your towers are 1 shotting enemies on your first playthrough on easy? That doesn't sound right! You can always play normal if easy is too... easy :P
  13. I'm not sure it's been mentioned... but how come monks don't have weapons that increase any sort of tower damage on weapon mods? I know the new monk passive is coming out, but im talking about something like that can come on gloves, lightning aura speed... maybe something for the AA tower on weapon?
  14. We all know the 240ipwr gear will start to get replaced in your first 2 maps... in a day or 2 you will have replaced it all on atleast 3 or 4 characters, it's not that big of a deal, in my opinion atleast
  15. I myself am excited to see the Time Bending Aura in action. I'm guessing it will have a mechanic of sorts that sucks them back into the center of it every so often, it cant be too fast of a cooldown or creatures will never get out, but it sounds exciting! Tiger Bite Ambush will be another choice they probably are looking at. The monk already has a skin with tiger stripes to match it, so its clearly an angle worth heavily considering. It more or less allows your AA towers to do physical damage, at the cost of a lot of the range. Relentless like a tiger, the higher crit chance you have the
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