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  1. I am sure its been mentioned before. But a Tavern Service that would respec your items, not just your Heroes. That way, all of these complaints about the non retroactive 'buffs' that occur when the multipliers for item upgrades change and old items are at max upgrades, can take advantage of the change. As many people search/grind/pay for the perfect statted weapons/items. Level them up, then a patch changes upgrades and reduces their effectiveness. This would allso allow for people to fix messed up level choices, or even change what kind of buffs they wanted to add in the first place. I'd li
  2. I think you might fail to realize that when they talk about "balance" in PvP, they mean doing things to the characters that will only apply in PvP situations. For instance, I don't know if you've ever fired up the hall of heroes thing just for laughs, but the Huntress only does half her normal damage in there. Honestly, the only thing it will "force" people to do who want to be competitive is (possibly) have a different set of PvP gear. If you don't want to participate in the PvP aspects of the game, then you don't have to worry about it.
  3. Granted. But it eats all of your waffles. I wish updates were not delayed. Granted. But they nerf the Squire again! I wish Warrior's didn't destroy towers so hard.
  4. I think this is going to make armor with really high elemental defenses more desirable and cause folks to upgrade those stats more than before. PvP armor sets and such. It'll be interesting for sure. On a side note, Trendy has to keep in mind that they'll eventually have to add the most important aspect of any game/mode like this: Hats.
  5. Keep in mind, in order for it to count, there has to be SOME kind of conclusion to the map. If you get to wave 10 and then "return to tavern," it didn't count. When it says "You will lose all progress" it MEANS it; it'll pretend the round never happened if you do that. You have to let the crystal get destroyed.
  6. Well, this would increase the needed CPU power to run this game. Also, i don't really see the point getting ragdolls for creeps if you can't see them when there are hundreds of them. Take a look at Sanctum and how slow it runs, they use ragdolls and to be honest, most of the time you don't notice it. Sanctum may run slow for you because of your hardware capabilities. I have no problem running it on the highest graphic settings. And I do notice the ragdolls. If you get a choke point going on, the bodies start piling up! I can see how this would be a problem for DD though. With so many creeps
  7. I'm not sure if the engine would allow for this, but I think the creeps ragdoll-ing in some situations when they're killed instead of the canned death animations might be fun.
  8. Your post is the perfect example of a lie. I never once said that this game wasn't worth it's price. If you think I did, quote me. Until then, stop lying. I'm trying to discern the point of this thread then. If the game IS worth its price, then in what way does it have too little content? If we're not judging "This game has too little content for its price," then you're saying "This game has too little content for _____" what exactly? If the fill in the blank is "Me," then my response to your first post is: I don't personally. I do have to compliment your civility Aqua. Goodness me, yo
  9. I'd be curious to know Aqua what games you've played that have had an acceptable amount of content for the price. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) you don't use hours invested to dollars as a ratio to judge how satisfied you are with the product--what criteria do you use? What is "replayability" to you? Doing the same game over and over? (Like New Game+ in RPGs) PvP? Social/community aspects of a game?
  10. Quite right. I didn't mean to imply they NEVER go down there, but frequently the most I ever have to deal with is a rouge archer once in a while. But like you said, they will go down there of their own accord every now and then.
  11. By being there, you're causing the problem. The mobs are aggroing to you. Stay away from there/don't run past that door if you can help it and they won't aggro down to that crystal. Also, the optimal build I guess is 70/70/70/19 70 pierce or 19/70/70/70 70 pierce. Or a mix. The most important stuff to max is pierce, hero damage, and hero speed.
  12. I only agree with the OP in regards to "artificial difficulty" as far as the timer goes because switching between characters is painfully slow. If Trendy speeds up or removes the menu animations, or adds a faster way to swap characters on the fly, then build timers are more than fine. In this case, I feel like I'm fighting the UI, not the challenge itself. If you're having trouble, then you need to ask yourself: Which defenses do I need to get up first, in what order, and what can I get built during the combat phase? It's a high level of strategy and pre-planning that I enjoy. Time managemen
  13. Always been on ranked to protect the integrity of the game. I can see how a lot of people put time into open because of the Trendy Net cluster-you-know-what on launch day. You're not really worse off for playing on open with your buds, but if you play with randoms, there's always a chance you'll run into a bad egg. On a side note, if anyone who's been playing on open wants a free power level to get a ranked character started, send me a PM. I'm bored.
  14. To anyone who comes across this thread: don't give up hope. You can do it. It just takes some practice. A big part of it is quickly taking down as many ogres as possible on the last wave so they don't wreck everything. Just keep trying! I finally beat it after trying a few dozen times. Speaking of, I used a slightly modified version of one of the strategies shown earlier. Thanks to those that posted theirs!
  15. They only jump over defense when you're around. Annihilate all assassins you see. Skeletons are weak on their own, and deadly strikers will snipe off necromancers. I did notice that with the ninjas, which is why I generally stay out of the way and hang out by the far east Crystal and just let the towers deal with them. I don't get why the skeletons seem to give me such a problem. I guess I'll keep tweaking things.
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