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  1. I will update the main post as I play the test client. Date stamps will be included with each post. My data may not be 100% accurate but based off of my experience and the information I can personally gather though being a player on the testing client. Hope this info helps. I will try to give as much information as possible if you have any questions or inquires.
  2. (11/19) Hearty Blockade: Passive based on Hero Health but seems to be labeled as a Defensive Passive. Will not drop with Hero Health unless paired with a secondary Hero Passive. (11/19) Hearty blockade too effective(?) After my first NM1 run I jumped from 28k Barricades to 111k with a full set of 3%-4% Hearty gear. There doesn't seem to be enough passives for the squire to dilute Hearty Blockade thus being able to farm a full set of strong gear in a single run. Perhaps this could be solved when/if drops change from current hero only to any hero thus diluting the drop rates while not adding in
  3. We have set up each account with a profile that has 4 heroes at lv30 and 4 at lv50 with semi-decent gear, so players can start playing End Game and Nightmare immediately - and enough character slots to create new heroes for Campaign. Will these characters only be available after we finish the campaign or should we have them by default? Still in the early stages of the campaign and I only have my level 1 huntress that I started this morning.
  4. Update has been pushed, thank you for the support. Looking forward to digging into the Loot Test client!
  5. Update: After verifying game cache I had an 224byte update pushed (most likely a corrupted file from the main client, nothing to do with the test server). After completion of the update I ran the game and encountered the same error in the main post. From then restarting steam and re-logging fail to produce any results.
  6. After receiving the email about my test account being activated for the testing server I closed steam and logged in on my test account. No update was queued for DD2 and when trying to run it normally I could not enter a server and was prompted with an error message. Is there a way to manually check/push an update? Multiple restarts and re-logging had no results.
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