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  1. What a day for Trendy, a ton of people lost there progress on monthly quest and now a ton can't even get in to play the game. I would hate to be working there today.
  2. This just hit me was so close to being done, not as worried about the pet as the tokens. I hope it is a ton easier because no way I will be able to complete everything for the tokens in time, sounds like the pet is not a big deal because if you get the monthly mission as an option they are giving the pet to you because of the bug. Also with no ETA on the fix the days are ticking down for the tokens, hopefully the they can find and fix today.
  3. This has been happening over the last week, but holly crap yesterday was re*** fought it all day. Then last night happened again and I haven't been able to get in since I have tired everything I have read online. Full screen, windows, cache, even modifying .ini file after cache nothing is working. Guess we all need to learn our lesson from this and stop support developers with pre alpha, alpha or beta games. I understand it is in pre alpha but man I can deal with bugged mobs and so forth but not being able to even get into the game now you think this is something that would be a high prior
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