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  1. Im not getting credit for special enemie kills on NM3 incursion for daily and I build all defences.
  2. Can we get a setting option to disable the icons that pop up over towers? If feel that they are distracting and not needed for experienced players.
  3. Will this hotfix fix full screen widowed? Hasn't worked since last hot fix.
  4. When I had the rerolled gear and started NM1 I found I could not solo and had to play with a group of 4 tanks. Now that we have some NM gear I can solo NM1.
  5. I like the gear changer/reroller idea like the pet stat reroller, but class specific. So no chance of getting frost power on you Squier ect. Or increse the drop rates and include NM mode to special drop events.
  6. After the latest hot fix I did not get any new daliys for 2 days and since then I am only getting 1 each day.
  7. Yes I find that to be true in NM3 as well. Every time we have completed match the last boss is opposite resist. It would take days to kill if we didn't sell the defences on the other lanes and set cannons and harpoons to kill the boss. Sugestions: Add to the end match chest a chance to get a item with the next NM ipwr range. Remove or lower % of last bosses opposite resist or remove Heros opposition to opposite resist. Increase the loot chance and include events in NM mode. Doesn't have to be a lot. Remove Deck so I'm able to build with tower Heros and have access to my DPS or Tank Heros. Edit: or increase it to 8. Thanks.😋
  8. Without cheat or dev codes. With gear dropped in game at the current loot rate. Why is it that all the gear I get is for DPS with no tower stats and a DPS hero is usless in game?
  9. We'll said thank you. I found the game very difficult to solo after the re-roll for the rewards given. I plan to continue playing the game and progress past NM3. I come here to see if anyone else is experiencing the same type of issue and it seems to be be overwhelming yes. I know Tyendy is working on issues. Hopefully they will fix enemies hopping walls and huge health pools. Nothing worse then spending 20 min to killing an Oger and have him almost dead and hop you're wall. [[77157,users]] do you get paid to troll and coment on people's posts expressing there game play experience and thoughts of how to make it more injoyable?
  10. Fix the summary timer so it stops counting down after every one has selected an option (replay or tavern). Could at leased give back the DU so we can build effectively and use these combo builds you want us to use. Sacrificing AA and using one wall and having small enemies go by is getting old. The hero passives are lacking I can not seem to be able to complete a map to get any upgrade gear. Can only get through NM1 on gates and the pay out is 20+ IPWR lvl lower they what I have. (Before Hot fix).
  11. I have found the use of a second controller will work and not interfere with Xppader. The game sees the first controller and you can use the second one with Xpadder to play the game.
  12. What happen in the balance to nm1 its a bit high and OP? I have all heroes with IPWR lvl 250+ and cant get through wave 1of first map, but yet insane on life root is a breeze. Also seems to be issues with Xpadder use some 360 buttons are recognized by the game, but not fully and interfere with Xpadder layout. I do like the Psyx though. Edit: I found a work around for controller issue. I play on a second controller with Xppader asignments. The game see the fist controller and no the second.
  13. I have issues as well seems there is some controller buttons working in game that interfere with Xpadder (Ver 2015.01.01) assignments.
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