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  1. usually when you press left shift you can see the defense range , but now it doesn't show up anymore. I have tried to change the key for defense view, reset to default setting ...etc. but still not working. Anyone got the same problem, And btw , the life root mini-map some times doesn't show up , and this bug is been like 2 month ago i think !!! please fix much appreciate !!
  2. Flamethrower is very op if you used it probably! For example in liferoot if you know how to place it it wont get damage by the mobs! Allways place it in front of the blockade ! Not behind lol And i can solo nm4 with it on the physics resistance lane , 4 flamethrower each! GOodluck to u dude!
  3. So i got the Flamethrower sphere for my APP, i just know that when the flying mobs get in range it does attack the mobs but deal 0 damage? Like the flame throwing effect keep going on but the flying mobs wont die and deal 0 damage??? Anyone got the same problem?
  4. So the game now is very very very boring ! All i do now is login hatch egg and gtf out! Who feels the same put your hands up!
  5. well , i guess another wipe gonna come! , Dam these wipe thing is annoying. Like every time they speak about the wipe on the blog " We dont want to do this over and over again" Then do it once and for all ! Wipe " but not clean" , Dirty dirty wipe Dungeon Defenders 2 !! :))
  6. Anyone got any news about this weekend event?
  7. Apparently my frosty power is like 37%, but when i asked my friend he was like 137% , how does that even possible? didn't the re-roll done the job?
  8. Tavern have no one :)) kinda make me confused between group tavern , private tavern, social tavern lol , Because it often empty , just me in there so i was like ? is this group tavern or social tavern @@, >_>
  9. Agree with this point , and you can play the throne room which will drop on the first wave!
  10. And they change the hotfix note without your notice, you can read what ppl said to confirm this!? You can read under comment on the hot fix page! They confirm "Yep! Minibosses (which is the class the Ogre is in) and Special Enemies (like the Plaguing Hulk) will spawn on Wave 2." by iamisom Because they said in the hot fix they will no longer be orge spawn in the first wave! The "NO" answer i used it in CAPS , if you know CAPS can have different meaning ! Please! English is not my main. And sell the item? Like what is the reason make me sold my item? The reason because the passive show 0.01% ? who faults is that? if it show what it should be , the story would have been different! If you play before the hot fix you can find every map have boss the first wave! After the hotfix ! most of the map first wave doesnt have boss! Do you even play the game? You said" they just remove the loot drop" NO! they remove the boss! And loot still drop on The Throne Room first wave from ogre!
  11. "NO", loot still drop in the first wave after kill ogre ! You can go to the map and do it!
  12. Well they said there will be no more wave 1 orge !!! The Throne room wave 1 have orge ??? Are you srsly? Like been waitting 30m for the hotfix and then hot fix.... Hot fix? Fix what? Fix trolling? fix pranking? Fix :)) And the 0.01% about frosty , i got a lot of item that have frosty power with defense power stat from stocking up before the wipe. And it show 0.01% so i was thinking " They nerf it , they just dont want to take it out so they nerf it to 0.01%, so is kinda useless, what the point of keeping it?" and then i sold the item to make space since your inventory is limited . Is like 0.01% of frosty power , and then ppl sell it because useless , then change it back to 10% , Good job nice troll , best prank of the year. Like this can go in history of dungeon defenders. Prank player is a good thing to do. Guys can anyone retrieve the item that i have sold? The answer is NO And how can i farm frosty power with Defense Stat ? The answer is NO Orge been fix? Then answer is NO And btw anyone got problem with the ping??? like the "C" button, is way to hard to use now for some reason like u facing the defense and you want to ping for help , emergency ??? The answer is NO , you can not ask for help! You have to solo on your lane even with group play! And btw pets ability get wierd ? is this a nerf or....? Encouragement : 250 mana restore now is 80, which work great on ability build mage or hunttress.
  13. Well . the drop rate they said "Weekend of 9/4 - 3x Purge Evil Monk Weapon Drop Rate + 2x Legendary Drop Rate", Can i please ask what is the"rate" win 8 nm1 , got 3 legendary item. Lets do some math: x2 rate: 3/8 = 0.375% Normal rate = 0.375/2 = 0.1875% Are you guys srsly? The phoenix event drop like crazy like **** crazy , i want to get other legendary but it all ***** drop phantom phoenix ??? SRSLY?? and now almost no drop @@ 3 legendary out of 8 map and no monk like 0 0 0 0 Yes that is a ***** 0 Vietnamese : Số Không English : Zero Spanish: Cero Basque: нуля Bosnian: nula Cebuano: ziro Chinese: 零 Filipino: sero French: Zéro Greek: μηδέν Latin: Nulla Japanese: ゼロ Thai: ศูนย์ Russian: нулю Translated 0 into different language so hope who ever it is doing the drop "rate" can understand what rate is? Or at least you guys should let we know what is the Rate.
  14. That's the saddest attitude to adopt, by definition. First the uber sphere isn't any hard to obtain just do your monthly quest plus daily quests and you have a free uber in no time. Second the game is not too hard, it's finally hard and yes a strategy game requires to use your brain and have an actual strategy. It was not intended that the whole game was possible to farm with only electric aura and huntress traps, it had to change and it finally did. Just learn to play the game, do what the tutorial told you to do and you'll see the game is not impossible at all. I'm guessing you had a bunch of uber spheres at your disposal and maxed out 240 ipwr gear that made you think it's not too hard.My statement was made from a person who doesn't have any uber spheres who has crap gear but enough ipwr to meet the map requirements just to lose all over again. The map ipwr is a range of ipwr . For exp map required 230 ipwr to enter but if you point your mouse at the map it have a information that said "230 - 250". And yes , you will say " oh my ipwr is 250 i still cant pass it" , well 1 hero 250 is not enough you need 4 hero 250. And yes you would say " oh i got 4 hero 250 i still cant pass it" 250ipwr but with the right stats yet? And yes again " i got the right stats but i still cant pass it" with the right passive yet? And again again " I got the right passive i still can pass it" how many hero you got the right passive , did you place the defense right ? And yes to all those question you still cant , ask someone to play with , like a match with 6 lane " throne room" at wave 10 there is 4 orge and 2 special boss , how do you handle it all ? well thats where friend come in? And yes you said i want to play solo, you can solo a different map !!! Where this game have 2 type of player: solo and group , and there is a map for solo and map for group. What happen if all map need group ? what happen if all map that you can do solo ( if you can do solo all map then for group it would be far more easy , unfair)? And yes to meet all the question above is too hard, well im guess strategy game is not for you, I failed 12 times before i can pass NM1 first map ( im a noob) but with in 3 days now i can do every nm1 map with help of friend. ( if you said you dont need friend , then plz know one need your communication on this forum , we are all friend here)
  15. Me and my friend last night run all nm1 and we acutally win all , Good item drop is rare but it is there piece by piece , and TBH before the wipe i felt like " meh this game i can finish any map from incrusion end game nm1 to nm4 , what the point of keep playing ( with 72h in game only)? So the only mode to play is onslaught , and ffs run like 50 round onslaught spend like 5h playing the onslaught mode the reward of it is just not worth it. But now when there is challenge and strategy need it felt like the game should be like that , If they didnt make the change i reckon once you guys hit lvl 50 enter some random match got someone to carry you , get some good item then you finish the game with full gear and build, what do you do ? buy a new game and leave this? Because it feel like a 10 years old kid game? And for those said unplayable ? How many time did you fail per map ? like 2 times and give up? And for those who are pro always want to jump straight in nm and then fail and then get mad , know your power before enter the map. isnt that what we always do farmming life root piece by piece ??? so now pick a map that you can farm , and farm piece by piece. And there is a thing call community , if you cant solo , come up the forum ask for someone to play with, i think our community is way more friendly then other MOBA (no offence). Use chat in tarvern try to find some help ( yeb i said try, and try mean you might get help you might not for those who dont understand). And if you need a tutor how to solo play on NM3 , well you work your way pass 1 and 2, why dont you do it for 3? or you just bla bla bla " im too bad to do it".
  16. run like 20 nm1 last night , not a single normal creep drop an item lol ? i thought it was a bug. Let say every match got 10 wave , every wave got like 180 creep average . Let do some math: Number of match played: 20 match Number of wave : 20 x 10 = 200 wave Number of creep killed: 180 x 200 = 36000 creep Let say it drop 1 item from normal creep (even it didn't) , so the chance would be: 1/36000 = 0.00002777777 % i just went and look up google for lotto win chance , so to get an item from normal creep is like the same chance to win division 3 with a single game lol :))) interesting fact. So is this mean "is a rare occurrence" :)) so funny
  17. i heard on the devstream , that they created some kind of chain explode for serinity aura i think :P u guys can watch it , its the newest one .
  18. What is the maximum stats of the item , and how do we know that? My monk legendary: Legendary Polearm Hero Damage: 1932 Defence Power: 614 Item Power: 845 Power Pole - 14.17% Power Up -15 % Hero Critical Chance +311.7  Sell Value 347 Upgrade Lvl 22/51 Require Lvl 50 //////////////////////////////////////////////////// And i also want to know what is the maximum % of the passive? For Amped (monk) , Frosty Power ( Mage)... and so on ? Thanks for visiting the post! :))
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