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  1. i usually don't catch the leak to see how it happened, but i seem to die with all walls intact. however i've seen plenty of times mages summon skeletons on the 'back of my wall'.. More often than not, they'll hit the wall.. but once in a blue moon they'll snipe your crystal
  2. Returning player was to gather relevance to my position, If i was a player who transitioned manually with the updates, if i was a new player or an old one. It was to give perspective, not to validate my opinion. So you're telling me that 'max stats' is all that matters? not the 'armour value' not the 'Ranges, of these stats rolls' not the 'rarity?'. I'd love to know how you came across this information, because i can't seem to find it anywhere. It also becomes quite difficult when you land similar pieces Max stat wise, It can make it easier, with organised groups etc etc. However for your
  3. The Game as it stands After a big success of a massive thread i made way back, i figured i'd make a 'Round 2' Reference. (https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/124748/balancing-the-flaws-the-game-as-it-stands-the-great-wall-of-text-tldr-inc?page=1#1162604) Background; I am a Returning player, from Nm4. The last Era i played in was PDT incursions. In general, i play for 1 month, i get maxed out. Then i leave for 6 months and return to a fresh wipe and another Game. Why do i care so much about an indie game? because i see DD2 having incredible potential, it just doesn't seem as well thought
  4. So over an extended period of time, i have been wanting to get into videomaking for DD2 and Dungeon defenders alike, as my internet is too poor to stream. I have created a few various concepts and ideas on Build guides, Beginner tips and tricks, Synergy, Thoughts, Storytime and above all Zero to hero. The majority of these i haven't been able to produce due to the instability with the game, dramatic metagame changes and wipes etc. I Would like to know what you'd like to see out of a Youtube Channel, My thoughts on a Zero to hero, would be either A. Starting a fresh account, and Maxing it o
  5. IF you're determining that each node does more damage because it has more contact with the hoard in comparison to The damage over time from a longer string. Then the logical approach would be just to make a trip wire (parallel lines), however what you miss is the Aoe, so you create a star pattern. So if you were to create a Star. Wouldn't it be more efficient to do something along the lines of this, instead of making each node individually, it saves DU You also get the added bonus of summoning trendy developers in game. Other than that, nice vids lad. Keep up the content
  6. We found you can suicide in the longlane, to refresh your pet curse cooldown to build mid faster than switching to mage and running. Yeah i think with 4 builders your minimum time is approximately 415 or 420. as we got ours done in 404 with me running from one end to the other (curse pet mage) however i did lose a second or two to place serenity + boost in that first lane so i didn't have to travel there for a while. I find you'll speed your waves if you go wave 2 Anti air and serenities/boost... Idk maybe i don't trust my PDTs enough haha, because if i get a skeleton spawn it seems to edge
  7. Very impressive, I've only got my time down to 330 range in solo! still working on it, it used to be 280 till i started streamlining it. but i've got some time to cut still! I'm asuming you up PDT first wave, serenity boost 2nd wave, proton buff 3rd? My screenie just went to aids, but i'll try and track one and/or beat it We just trio'd - 404. with rippy/pencil, you could potentially get less too. 4 people would be around 415 mark
  8. Giving players something, then taking it away is a poor development choice. A much better approach would be to expand it and make it almost nessasary ^ Changing a game mechanic such as - Bringing back resistances would work. If you brought back resistances players would have to swap between thier choice of hero dps or Ability power to suit what they were killing. Also, Mechanical challenges. Like, Spiders, djynns, goblin copters. Bosses that you have to look at and be prepared for. The closest 'boss' we have is the Skeleton boss, which i think is a great mechanic. However, i would be more
  9. Yeah using stickies ofcourse. Interesting armour clenser, i forgot about that wep. that was back in frosty fire era. I'll see if i can hunt a good one, 4/s would be better for storm than my midas at 2/s haha. What's max rolls on it? Yeah i have the same feeling that Speccing HD is significantly stronger in the long run, however if i'm going to take the time to cast nades or piercing shot, i'd rather it be a significant nuke than do nothing. Cheers
  10. Okay fam, Just a few thoughts on how to play Huntress DPS First off, Weapon choice. It seems that Bling o midas is the only option regarding weapon choice? or am i missing something. Bling is great for ogres or something, however it doesn't combo very nicely with Stormy gloves. I have my Current Setup spec'd into Ability power over HD Currently my setup is, Storm boots, Storm Gloves (4 bounce AP), Storm helm (for infiinate spam) with 2 cd reduction spheres. It seems to be a huge toss up between specing for HD and HC, HD and AP or AP over HD and honestly i'm not sure what's best. My pierci
  11. The most cost effective will always win, which was what i was trying to decipher. If we are Asuming that walls are needed in a meta, the training dummy would become less viable and more situational because for 10 DU more you can get a sturdier wall, however 60DU more for the 'sturdiest' wall is bonkers. I just have yet to see a compelling statement, that can justify Using a maw. Over using a cheaper wall and placing mines, or placing Lightning auras, or placing frosty towers, or placing legitamately anything with the saved DU that would make the MAW more effective. But if you're talking Cos
  12. [[94093,users]] The Arguement isn't weather they are situationally viable. As most things in this game are, Ie. Flamethrower towers can be placed in X position on X map and work well. However, in general Flamethrowers suck in comparison to other towers. The argument is Comparing a 'wall' and its positives and negatives in regards to its cost in DU. I can see the positives and negatives of a MAW and i can understand the different elements and fundamentals of the tower, however it is quite evident that a Wall should be 'The last line' and as a mechanical standpoint, usually you place your defe
  13. Good stuff mate, I think Dummy is the Tier 1 overall, nothing really beats it. If you are going for some form of Onslaught run, then it really is a toss up between Squire wall and Fang. Fang requires more maintainance over longer runs, but in short terms appears to work better. During longer runs, automotive passive seems to kick in to repair the 'chip damage' and that would class the Barricade higher. Needless to say, The training dummy is rediculous in comparison to its counterparts And like i thought, the MAW is quite negligable and has very limited use.
  14. While i whole heartyingly agree, that they situationally are great. I'm sure they hold thier own and do something fancy for 80DU. However, if you are comparing what you get for 80 du in other departments, (dummy, pdt, serenity) the Maw simply can't compete. I was abit of an onslaught specialist back during Frosty traps era (wave 68 nimbus reach) and many other 14hour + runs, Back then, every piece of DU was nessasary. We found ourselves, selling things at wave 30-40-50 etc, to add more anti air. As the difficulty increases. Maybe i've yet to see the full potential of the MAW in lets say,
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