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  1. I just want to know what the expectation is on the dev side. Several of the revived DD1 maps have particularly wide passages, the berserk orcs seem capable of squeezing through or past what was previously a solid wall position. Often it feels like the lanes, even in the best spot, are just too wide for two walls, but not really wide enough for three. I end up putting down three because I don't trust them to actually work, and then feeling stupid for putting down more walls than I need. Is there a reason the wall and lane sizes feel completely disconnected?
  2. Completely support a shard currency system. I just figured the random 3 was a more likely option, given that we know Trendy loves that RNG.
  3. The heart of the shard issue is two problems: 1: The shard pool is large and drops are few. 2: At higher tiers the fact that you can also get shards from the lower tiers makes problem 1 hugely worse. I think the system would be better if the overlap from chaos shards tiers was removed. This fixes problem 2. To fix problem one, I propose that instead of simply opening a shard, you open up a selection of 3 random shards from that tier. This helps to expand the reach to get more desired shards, whatever they are, and reduce the number of stacking up tons of panic fires.
  4. The current system, where loot drops most for the hero you're currently on has a negative side effect: tower builders are a huge, important part of the game, but they aren't particularly useful during the combat phase. And if they aren't out in the combat phase, they don't get much loot. And without the loot on your builders, its hard to progress up the difficulties. This likely contributes to the number of dps huntresses around. There is talk now on the livestream today about opening up loot to drop for all in the hero deck, but spreading out the loot possibilities makes it harder to find t
  5. The bigger issue for me isn't the walls; its the maps. There aren't enough viable places to put towers other than directly behind the walls. About tower range to fix the problem: Often my ballistas can cover plenty of distance, too much, even. I run into issues trying to get them to shoot at only the intended lane, instead of at mobs behind a wall, or in the closely adjacent physical resist lane. I like to try to get creative and put them in different spots. Places where I can get use of the width of the firing cone and not just the length. It usually backfires. Mobs from a whole different lan
  6. Honestly I think onslaught is just a waste of time right now. I don't think any of the reward options are appropriate for the time and effort spent. The gold reward for example, doesn't increase with the wave count, and is actually less gold than just getting the pet eggs and selling those. If the goal is to level pets, is doing some easily farmable level you can basically afk through not more productive? Note: If I'm wrong and just haven't gotten to a high enough wave count to see increasing reward value, my apologies.
  7. Hehe, do you think there is a plan? Thats the Main problem With dd2. Now now. No need to get insulting. They're making a game. DD2 has some great stuff going on for it. as for the less great stuff, thats why its in alpha and thats why we're here. To make everything awesome.
  8. Defensively, I've done quite well with LSA and serenity to cover magic lanes. I agree that the boost aura just isn't enough boost for its cost right now. When I first started DD2 I thought it was going to be like the DD1 boost beams, but it isn't. Taking the spheres to make it increase blockade health could be useful, but thats expensive and still not a clear win over just having more traps and towers instead. During combat phase, the heal ability just feels incredibly lackluster compared to the other classes. It doesn't feel worth the time. Its supposed to give a dps buff, but with the sh
  9. For solo play, I run wall squire, ballista squire, frosty mage, and a defense monk. I hang around on the wall squire in serenity fields to help out during the waves. I use purge evil and LSAs to cover the magic lanes, ballistas on physical. Thats just how I dig it.
  10. I do agree about CC abilities being of debatable value, and this hurts the game. Some abilities have damage and thats it. Sticky nades. Arcane volley. So the value of these skills is in the damage. Other abilities have CC and some damage. So they tend to do less damage, because you get the CC too. This makes sense. Except that the grounded effect randomly pops up and takes your CC away. So you're left with a DPS that just doesn't do enough. Whats more depressing than trying to help clear out a struggling lane on a mage or monk only to find out that your main form of CC, usually so useful, simp
  11. I agree that the main problem is people, but I still think there is a good question here: Should losing the sub-objectives make the rest of the match merely difficult, or impossible to finish? Does the gameplay match up with the plan?
  12. I'm not sure as to how the exact math works for applying it. I just know that in this case, the person who should be ahead, is. It does look like the best thing you could do for your blockades is find higher hearty blockade percentages.
  13. 24k x 29% = 6.9k. 20k x 19% = 3.8k Considering that the difference in DH is only 400, it looks like the results are coming out properly.
  14. It bothers me a bit that some of these build options, as they say, are restricted to luck. I too had a long, long wait before I ever saw a purge evil weapon drop. I got mine in the end of match chest, while on my squire. When you finally do get one, they can be very, very powerful. I think the upsetting part for me, is that luck on the loot, one particular item, is far more impressive of a change to my overall performance than any of the things I can aim for without that luck. That it was a bigger deal for me even than the ubers. Hope you can get one soon.
  15. Which one? I have no experience with the tornado uber, but I can say with confidence that flamethrowers can be impressively effective, but require wider lanes or peculiar terrain. Hairpin turns are even better.
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