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  1. Due to the new patch and items making all previously existing weapons and armor obsolete, I will be closing shop until I farm new inventory.
  2. If this was an intended effect, then I only have a single thought on why. By creating a scenario of obtaining unlimited power according to how far you and your group can carry yourselves, you would not be limited by the previous items and essentially reset everything. You're no longer limited by a simple 9stat/20 upgrade armor, the possibilities have vastly increased and highly encourages taking on the most difficult of challenges to the just rewards Either that or they dun ****ed up.
  3. From what I've seen so far, highest upgrades seen is 33 and highest stat is 19. Will continue farming.
  4. Insane Spooktacular. Oh god, OH GOD! GOHD OHGOS!
  5. can I get those gloves. I'm on right now. Let me get your steam id please. :) You can easily contact me via the steam group.
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