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  1. @--E@T TH3M!-- quote:

    @donttreadonme2234 quote:

    right now its buffed until they nerf him in a later patch meaing hes stronger then the other chracters meaning you buy him for real money and wow  your paying trendy to gain and advangte in the a gane no matter what

    If there ever was a perfect personification of the term 'moron', this would be it...

    you cant come up with anything better . i work hard for my money.  i exepedct to get more stuff for higher prices.  lioke dd1 on ps3 it was only 4 charcters only that was it. ps4 is still way behind. if call of duty makes new maps and gameplay all the systems and pc get ti the same day there is no wating. trendy pust the ps4 on back hold cAUSE THEY THINK PC IS WORTH MORE ATTETION FIRST. MORE PEOPLE PLAY ON A SYSTEM NOW A DAYS THEN THE PC DOSE. PC HAS WENT DOWN HILL ON GAMES BEING MADE FOR IT. IF THEY MADE A NEW AGE OF EMPIRES AND CHARGED FOR EXPANSIONS I WOULD BUY IT NOT TREDNYS CRAP. I PLAY WOWO SOMETIMES. AND YOU PAY 14 DOLLARS A MONTH FOR UNLIMITED CHARCTERS. THERES NO GAIN IN THE GAME TO GET AHEAD YOU GOT TO EARN IT ALL WITH GROUPS TEAM WORK AND HARD PLAYING.  i got 765k gold in wow for farimg a lot and selling items o autcion house for 1 gold a picec a lot of times. i keep my gold up and do very well.

  2. @Borisblade quote:

    I bought the Abyss Lord, and while doing some runs to work on some leveling up, I got over 300 yesterday alone and I only played for a few hours, and paid zero attention to my dailies.  Wtf are your morons talking about several months grind or 1000 matches.  I don't play that much per day and I could still get it in a week.   I think you guys either just like to complain, or just havent actually done any playing since the patch.

    yea its about 15 to 20 minutes a match or a little shorter it woukldd take more then 2 hours to reach 300 duh dont lie.. and also you paid cash for it wow its free to play gaqme i thought why we paying chas for a charcter thats free to play??

  3. if you canfgiure it put yopucan hosty your own name server for dd1 so you can ps3 it or for the internet. ave the game comne to your server ip so your friends can update and  it to. i cant give out the details how to do it but me and my friends found a way so my ps3 gose to myname server for the game log and my friends in florida and all other connect to me with that update for ps3 dd1. over the internet.  trendy could have done this and moved it to the ps4 for better  upgardes and play but got to lazy. it took me and 4 guys less then a month to figure it out. what is trendy doing with 200 people and the name server cost me 10 dollars a month in elctric wich i glady pay for the dd1 game

  4. i logged in today omg got to buy the new abyssal lord wtf i logged back out and uninstalled my game i wish my account be deleted form all the servers this game went from crapyy to dead. i loved dd1q on the ps3 and the ps4 version is worse. trenday lost me as a loyal fan and customer. free to play game means you dont need to pay to get a character.  its sad trendy s loseing its fan base casue they keep makeing  game that is going further down hill then forward. i had to deleet the ps4 version to i still got dd1 on the ps3 and i play with my friends online over the internet. on ps3 its not possible tyrendy was to lazy to have a name server up to host it

  5. i am beging dd1 ps3 fan. i love that game i am also beging soldier of fortune 1 and 2 game fan i  have 3 blade servers at my house to just host some old games back from 1991 and up for online play the games mugh be crapy to you but its awsome to me.  i was out of work  for 2 years and i played dd1 on ps3 at that time and for 8 hours a day 6 days a week. had a huge saveing s to do it with.  then when the servers went down and i paid foe the full game and expansion it was sad trendy could have taken over the server stauts or made it able to lan  from one ps3 to the other instead of spening 1k to make i to lane they got cheap in 4 years this game will be offline all the money you spent will go away and the itmes you buy will be deleted. all your game save files gone. trendy will come out with dd3 and ask you for more money. sorry my speeling isnt that great.  i loved dd1  i like dd2. i love the dd1 waves going to 15k to 32k in enmies a wave highest here is 1.5k i seen playing with my friends win or lose was awsome the 12 hours it took to win it all. i would rather play offline and with my buddys in the same room oth no internet connection required then with online. to many people get mad to easly and rein the game. he has a great point for offline lan party play. i have done 5 ps3s in one room for gAME PARTys its awsome 7 pcs in a room for lan partys. it dont cost much at all to make it beable to go offline.

    every company cuts corners to squeze every profit they can to make it rich faster. once they bleed it for ass much ass they can its done. like sof2 one gaming server place bopught the name server for 1k and cost them 15 dollars a month to run it. trendy could have hosted the dd1 name server. for 15 dollars a month thats it noting to it.  but they cut corners

  6. every time i play a game i set up or i am good i join a room.  people are like i am waiting for my friend. no one dose a private and they just kick you all the time. its anyoying cant find a good group. i am nm4 geared. its redicously how kicking inconet people in this game has gotten. i have been on vaction i have spent more time on other games then this game because of the way kicking gose. i get kicked when io was awsome but his friend sucked so he kicked me to make room for his other friend. make a private server. it happens to much and it needs to be monotired. if they dont want to make a private server he or she should have no kicking rights.

  7. but this game is not much fun any more there driveing away there sales and customers just like ea no hte new command and conquer it went belloedup  and they canned it cause it want what the players wanted but what ea wanted to make so people quit supporting it. if trendy dose this they can go out of business. dont do this to us. lke the ff7 remake if they change the game play beside just new graphocs people wont buy it and they will have a huge lost on it and more. there sales will drop trendy learn from exerincel. your not makeing any money right now sales are down and your loseing money if you lose more people your gonna be bankrupt.

  8. i play wow all the time and go help low lvls on raids and more my clan helps out all the time we dont exclude if you suck you suck it dosent matter you will get better with the good gea. to gt good gear you need free rides sometimes its the only way. i play a lot of pc games and ps4 games and i give free rides to a lot of people. i dont care if we win it do it to have fun.

  9. so how we supospe to verify the items we lsot if you dont even have a system for it yet but you say if verified you will help us out. makes no sence if you got no way to verify are inventory items. online gameing comapnys have been doing thos  for ages. wow has done it since the begging everquest is older then wow and have been doing it. game before that before 1995 has been doing it. i use to play a text based game on pc in 1987 online. it lost my item it gliched wrote to customer service  i had it the next day cuse they had a inventory file system. cfompanys today are getting cheaper and just trying to squeze alll the money they can out of us and then when it dries up they can the game. and make another one. i got two blade servers at my house. i run a lot of games on web hosting and nsa. i do file backups every day automaticly. all my game servers back up inventory and scren shots never went over 1mb for 10 games. before you move the game to the alpha fales you need to make a file system for inventory so we dont have any more loss problems. once people start to lose inventory on open beta they will just leave tell there friends and then you lose money. keep one customer happy gain 10 people. make one customer mad lose 100 people. this saying has ben in the industry for a long time. where i work we either give discounts to make the customer happy or give it for free. we got a 99.9 percent customer rateing.

  10. i am begging dd1 fan for the ps3. we only had 4 heroes not the extras the pc had it was still fun finding the high item lvls if get lucky once in a blue moon item lvl 300 with 300 upgrades naturaly derfence or dp went to 125 max so rest i put in aura size and i had auras quarter of  the map it was fun and still challengeing. dd2 its ok but its not the same felling you described. your right on.  i would rather tem make dd1 over then make dd2. my ps3 took a dump. so now i got a ps4 and dd2 the way its going will never see my ps4

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