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  1. the pc is no where even being finished so many bugs and its about tom open o the public. ps4 version is allways going to be behi9nd like itwas on the ps3 i bought it on ps3 once it was avaible. not anymore. i quit playing dd2 i miss dd1 trendy has went way off the map with this game and lost touch with it.  so i have moved on from ths game to better games.

  2. wow just did event for weekend 05 percent whites 1 legendary and some blue for 7 hours one legendARY wow just tried the game again after a 2 months and still screwed. was hopeing ps4 release be better but dosent look like it well gonna save my time until final fantasy 7 comes out

  3. i want it like dd1 have my own private hub i can display my one of a kind items and what they look like. dis[lay my pets and tropheys that we have earned,  theres more joy to dd1 then there is to dd2 better weapon selection so many different pets in all shape and sizes not just 75 percent of them in a half ball shape. to me dd1 i eprfer it over this game

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