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  1. are you guys playing on free play or end game? because Im pretty sure the leg boost applys to freeplay only
  2. I don't know when he purchased his uber but i recently purchased mine like... 3 days ago. and i got mine just fine. i think the bug isn't something that is going to happen to everyone. but as others pointed out when I bought mine it went in the bags where your gear goes. not in the area where the other spheres go. just for those who buy their first ones don't freak out when you immediately look and it's not there.
  3. for all the people ***ing about how the game is and how trendy should do this or not do that... you all need to seriously quit crying and just test out their game.. this is PRE-ALPHA and this part of the game is for testing ONLY.. this is not ment to be played to take serious like you would for a finished game.. that goes for the people crying when they wipe or when they nurf some abilitys. Also this is to Fortheglory... You complain that you NEED a specific spell to do any form of end game content.. if you strongly believe that then i think its time you start trying to play the game for y
  4. yeah im having the same issue as of right now too.
  5. actully the game just came back so maybe it was a hickup in the servers.
  6. Yeah the game is down for me too. its stuck at the loading screen. For all the downtime we've been getting I think they should extend the event weekend for a day more :D any thoughts on that?
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