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  1. Was expecting full slime pits, left disappointed.
  2. Purple drops shouldn't be able to have 15 upgrade levels. Likewise legendarys shouldn't be able to have 15 & 30 upgrade levels. It's kind of annoying when at max c4 gear my blue relic is better then a legendary simply because It had 30 more upgrade levels (it's not a small difference either). Less RNG the better.
  3. I didn't see this while skimming the comments but someone wearing c1/c2 gear who joins a c4 game will get c1/c2 drops. It's as simple as that. If you tell them that and they stay just run a game and they will quickly realize it's pointless to try and leech.
  4. Does upgrading gear affect loot drops?
  5. Instead of sitting here complaining ill actually give feedback. UI ChangesAll are welcome changes, however I would still like the ability to preview an upgrade before we make it and also allow us to compare a gears base (unupgraded) stats, so we can compare with new drops. Enemy ChangesHalving EMP time is fine by my that's a welcome change. But I feel like there are more important enemy's that need to be looked at. Geodes are obviously a problem as many people have said it just limits are ability to play the game. Although I feel like your saving this for the announcement next week, but some w
  6. Well its that time to announce the winners! Choosing the winners was 100% random. Dreizehn Matthew7991 SpiderDanXCongratulations to the winners!
  7. Giveaway? Yep! I have 3 codes all good for 1 Gun Witch hero. How do I enter? In order to have a chance to win a code all you have to do is post in this thread telling me what your favorite build is in DD2, and why. The winners will be randomly chosen on Thursday at ~3PM est. Each winner will receive 1 code. But I already own the Gun Witch. That's perfectly fine, if you win your more than welcome to give your code to a friend who doesn't. I don't believe you. Then don't enter. Notes These codes are good for the Gun Witch hero only.Codes are redeemed in game at the mailbox in the tavern.
  8. So what passives do i need for my op poison towers... i'm not the most up to date on my builds.
  9. As someone who's done a lot for the Wiki, and is on the Wiki Council. I can tell you this guy speaks the truth. I was doing a lot but after I got done with the main page, I wanted to do hero's (I think) but then I sat down and looked at it was like, there no possible way I could get all the information I wanted to get. It would take me many hours just to complete one page. So I got burned out, and now all I basically do is delete spam pages bots make. There really only 2 ways to fix this problem and that's either have a huge amount of players to help gather information, which would lead to mas
  10. Its saved on Trendys servers. I still need to get my data on some sort of drive so could you give me a directory or a link to tell me where to get it? It isn't saved on your pc, its saved on Trendys servers. When you get your new computer all your characters will still be there.
  11. I just did the non end game incursion to get all my characters to lvl 50.
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