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  1. No, some of the newer winter skins and star wars skins have mythical accessories that cannot be switched.
  2. [[4370,users]] thanks for the link, but there's nothing more than "we changed it" there. When clicking on a skin, why is the fact that it has 2 mythical accessories relevant information now? It's not. It being mythical is meaningless. Green pants, blue shoulders, mythical chest and helm - can you tell me why these are labelled differently? They're cosmetics with no impact on gameplay, and you get them all in a bundle at the same time. You should go back to making it so that mythical accessories means you can change its appearance. At least that had some value to the player. That was an act
  3. ... a mythical accessory used to mean you could upgrade it over time. Now with these new Star Wars skins, a mythical accessory is just another accessory you can't do anything with? What's the point of calling it a mythical accessory then? Hella lame.
  4. The other monthly quests weren't "skillbased" either, they all had huge grinding components. It's just a pet, don't kill yourself trying to get it.
  5. If you're not willing to pay anything at all after hundreds of hours maxing out those characters, I feel like you are not worthy of any attention from the developers.
  6. No, the game is easy enough. If some people want to play even-easier-mode that would not be a source of jealousy for me. Maybe ask for double defense units while you are at it?
  7. I am proudly in the "I like it" camp, ask me anything.
  8. It's a difficulty wall as much as a progression wall. It only gets harder. You'll need to spend progressively more time finding the perfect items in order to go further.
  9. I like the hero deck. I like it because it limits what one player can bring to a fight. You can't bring a builder for blockades, traps, aa, frostfire and at the same time bring dps and maybe a tank. This forces interaction cooperation in groups to achieve maximum efficiency. Obviously this messes over soloers, and they need to work on that. The benefit of this limit will only grow more apparent as further passive combos (and further classes!) are added. One player might have a balloon huntress while another uses a blockade-huntress. Edit: I would like to see a clearer connection between the 4-
  10. Any hero in your party can kill it and it'll have a chance to drop that extra gold. I think you can only have one, I don't think you can buy another.
  11. I would like to add that in nightmare we often get split lanes (one magic, one phys in same area). This just means we reset the map until we get the same resistance in this area. Either 1) make it so that lanes never have different resistances like in lower difficulties or 2) make it so that lanes ALWAYS have different resistances (so we can't reset the map for a better combination) Having the map sometimes be split and sometimes not just wastes a lot of time resetting the map until we get a good combination. We had to reset liferoot onslaught 9 times the other day until we got the same resi
  12. Really? Seems like one of the stronger ubers for combat, behind the sticky grenades. Around 2000 ability, the initial hit deals ~17k and the explosion deals ~40k, which is a fair tradeoff for low mana and low cooldown ability.
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