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  1. #1 Could you please explain to me the mechanics behind outfit experience; by doing 'what' earns my outfit experience? #2 I've been hoarding eggs for shards in order to convert gold into pet EXP as it does need millions to gain a single level, however with the current economy tweak, this strategy has been rendered futile. What can we expect in the near-immediate future as viable money earning farming possibilities, as grinding maps for victory chests as the primarily source of income does not ''cut'' it for me. Grinding EXP is tedious enough as is, grinding money this way would even be worse. -- Blacksmith In an earlier devstream, you've responded to a question, stating that one could buy pet food for 500 gold each, and that you would take another ''look'' when it would start to cost millions, I think you will find that it is currently very expensive at around level 50 and upwards in order to gain a single level. #3 I know it says 2 questions, but sodd it, I think you guys like answering questions, and I've got them. Any updates on the stacking items division of DD2? Amounts per stack, Items that aren't stacked right now, but ought to be? Give me all of those juicy details. eg. Plans to increase the amount per stack on Pet re-rolling items, stacking pet food, stacking pet Eggs, etc. #4 A follow-up to an earlier question of mine, #2, Any thoughts of tweaking the chances of higher-tiered pet food items to drop from a pet food box? As is, the 12,500 exp food item, in my opinion, is too rare a drop. Your thoughts? #5 Following up on the economy tweaks, what made you decide to up the maximum costs for pet re-rolling to 50k -- Does it look like we have stacks of billions of gold laying around in our inventories? I know 5k was a bit cheap, but it wasn't as if we were guaranteed an improvement of the stat we were wanting to re-roll. You could go through a few stacks of pet re-rolling just to even encounter the stat you are trying to roll for, regardless of whether or not you are satisfied with the value that you've rolled. In my opinion, before the economy update, 5k was too cheap of a cost and 50k is too much. In all fairness, given that we currently have no real method of farming gold, I think 5k is a right cost/reward ratio for what we are getting in return. Your thoughts? Lightning: Will the ''heroes of old'' be featured in DD2? Lightning: Will we see an implementation of Crafting alongside enchanting? Lightning: Will the ''Sell valuable item(s)'' dialogue box be removed from Lockboxes? -- Or perhaps an option checkbox for individual player customization as to allow players to decide what kinds of warnings they would or would not like to receive? Lightning: Will new item skins be implemented for the 3 item boxes that drop the different tiered vials for pet evolution? It is rather frustrating to mine your way through a stack of items in a map, thinking you'll be rewarded with a pet food item box, only to discover it is a rather relatively useless vial box for either Creeper, Dragon or GatoBlacksmith)
  2. iamisom New curtains still failing on occasion. I've taken liberty to create a short video, which can be found here: https://mega.nz/%23!hxADhADY!aKeEouxJvUpip9u93cHTcC0_qoxrMGGQsw8m8Jlxq8Q Later, one ogre died within the curtain walls, presumably from idling inside? The second one, tallest of the two, seemed not to die from the same cause, so I've simply left the game after a few minutes.
  3. #1 Double (same-stat) stats on pets are not being counted as such. Is this working as intended, or is it a bug that allowed me to get a second, same-stat roll on my pet in the first place? Following up on this, what is intended? That both same-stat stats get added, or will we have to re-roll a second, same-stat stat for something else?
  4. Recently-ish, there was a decision to be made. Enhancing: "For Enhancers, they live for the challenge of finding the perfect weapon and making it stronger." Crafting: "The Enhancer wants a chocolate chip cookie. The Enhancer searches high and low, and behold, he's found the chocolate chip cookie! But he wants to make the chocolate even more delicious. So he takes melted chocolate and makes the chocolate chips even bigger. Success!" Although I myself did not vote on this debate, due to myself not being 'active' in this community, or even with DD2 for that matter at the time, my initial opinion is, and still is, "Why not have both?" And even though I would have voted crafting myself if that poll was still ongoing, I would have been fine with either option being implemented, until quite quite recently. It would appear that spheres and gear are directly interwoven into one another, and with such speciality gear being introduced, I feel we need to revisit the thought of implementing a feature to craft our own speciality gear. The format I am suggesting would imply that we take an existing item, and add traits to that item, mix-matching gear to our own individual, or co-operative needs. Ideally, one should still be able to enhance ones crafted items, although, I am of the opinion that any item that will be tinkered with, would lose any and all enhancement upon crafting, and a player would have to re-invest into the item if they would like their item to benefit from item enhancement.
  5. Perhaps something went wrong there ...
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