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  1. You can always just farm money, and then next time they have the Carnival you can just go and redo all your gear sets with money...
  2. I'm wondering how or why you've spent $800 on a single free-to-play game that's in Alpha/Beta... That's gotta be hyperbole. $100 on the ultra edition, $15 on 2 new heroes, $30 on inventory, $100 on pets, $200 on costumes? That's still like half of the $800 amount. If you're spending $800 on an unfinished game and then complaining that you're experiencing bugs, why did you not expect bugs? I imagine that they are working on a fix for everyone. 50 people experiencing the glitch is about the same as your $800 claimed dollars, and that's at a rate of $15 dollars a person... So I imagine they're
  3. DD1 is irrelevant because all the data on DD1 was stored locally. All the data on DD2 is stored serverside to your steam account, and there's no way that I know of to log into multiple steam accounts at once without emulating a second instance of Windows. Do I really have to go through and explain it again? I already explained it the first time... You didn't say anything that counter argued anything I said. The following statement basically nullifies the point of your argument. I didn't say 1 person on keyboard and the rest on Controller, I said: "You also can't expect everyone to have contr
  4. I imagine PC Splitscreen is really rather hard because you don't have a set of parameters to work with. You also can't expect everyone to have controllers, so having keyboard controls for some people and controller controls for others... The first Dungeon Defenders was made for low powered phones and then ported up at a later point. This game is PC first. I imagine that with all the variability on PC, a lot of things can go wrong in a lot of ways. Don't buy the PC version if you're going to expect split screen on PC. There's no way to log into multiple steam accounts on the same game. Since c
  5. Depends on you friends and whether you are on PC or PS4, as well as the kinds of characters you can build with. If you have no good builders to get you through NM3 I would recommend getting and equipping ANY items that increase the speed and distance at which you can build/repair. Dedicate 1 hero to that gear. Then outfit anyone else you have with hero damage and ability damage gear. Then join public matches and get gear drops. You want high DPS and the ability to repair stuff so that if the person you joined is struggling, you can still help. The Build/Repair speed and distance will help y
  6. I can't find anything. It'll probably take them time to figure out how to best optimize the game for console.
  7. It could be sooner than that. For all we know it could be next month or the month after. I guess it all depends on when they can get it caught up to PC and stable enough. The PC is free to play. The best answer is "We have no idea and the longer it isn't free-to-play the better it will be and the easier it'll be to keep a good player base once it does release, because right now it's not in a condition to be Free-to-Play and thrive."
  8. Either do what he said, or if you are not in any hurry, go play on Free Play, what ever maps are your favorite, and have fun. It's really up to you. I don't recommend the grind, I think you're better off playing all the maps and getting familiar with them. I personally love the Abyss Lord style maps, the undead ones with the green layout. I just think that they aren't too hard on some difficulties, but they give you some hard decisions to make. So decide if you want to Netflix and Harbinger, or just do your daily missions on Free Play Hard. heck do both if you want.
  9. If you buy the Abyss Lord, and level him up, there's a skill sphere which makes the Skeletal Rams a water elemental attack that douses, and you can make stunning easier by setting up lightning aura in front of your walls.
  10. I have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe I'm missing things I should have gotten as well. Maybe I was too late maybe it was cause I got it on sale not a clue. Did you get it through the website? Did you get it through Steam Early Access? If you got it through steam go to your e-mail filter it that way and search for Dungeon Defenders 2. If you got it through the website before they put Early Access on Steam like back far enough when it was maybe a MOBA check you email from the website.
  11. I dunno, I think casual and hardcore have their usecase. There are people who are casual Snapchat or Instagram users, then there are people who are hardcore and spend their life in there, and there are people who are midcore and spend a couple hours a day in there. Probably half of the U.S. drive a car or use a smartphone, and some are casuals that barely remember to change their oil and will probably have the car fail on them just because they don't check tire pressure or oil ever... And you have people who wash their car every week, and give it a checkup when ever they can, and tweak thing
  12. I have some ok passives, I can almost do some NM3s, and I can get to wave 2 on Dragonfall gates NM4... Most of my ilvls are in the 500s, and I can do about 80k DPS. I have some progress to make, but if you want to help me break past the wall of where I'm at and get my Abyss Lord going...
  13. Woman + Snake will do that for a lot of people.
  14. All voting U.S. voting is flawed. Someone can have 20 accounts, and vote 20 times. So you gauge by I.P. Address, then they use a trick to change their I.P. 20 times. Your vote is never really going to count, just like when congress and house were up for re-election and Republicans got the majority of the seats despite getting far fewer votes, all because they took a district with people that hated them, and had a little spike of people who love them, just so they could drown vote. Or like how Republicans think a gun owner I.D. is perfectly fine, but them college I.D.s? Naw son put them books
  15. Once you start getting really specific, like "Every single drop" you getting into completionist. You can be hardcore and not a completionist. Also you're disqualifying everyone who is a hardcore completionist, but is still working on their collection. Also putting in the "Monthly Pet" thing isn't fair cause not every hardcore person will be a day 1 Alpha member. This list is more elitist than it is hardcore.
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