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  1. I just checked in game. The damage radius doesn't change on the traps but the trigger radius does when equipping the sphere. Conversely, the damage radius changes on the blaze balloon but not the trigger radius. Now I'm confused as well.
  2. Bob if you have legacy gear (which you do) you probably shouldn't be telling normal players whats possible and what isn't > < I don't use frost towers, I use a squire to build walls, a monk for aa and serenity auras, and a huntress for traps and elemental chaos. I have maybe 4 pieces of "legacy" (legendary) gear equipped. The rest is blue purple and maybe a few green. My 4th hero deck slot is a AP Huntress, also not in "legacy" gear. I have legitimately farmed my way through all nightmare levels to get where I am, comfortably farming nm 3. I didn't exploit the serenity auras, I don't use frost towers bc my apprentice got screwed in the reroll, and I am not decked head to toe in ill-gotten gear. I'm also not a full time player. I play maybe 10-20 hours a week, most of that being in a single day as I work full time and am a full time student. As of now, my squire walls are 201k at level 1, my elemental chaos traps are 1300 at level 1, and my serenity auras both slow and have the monk legendary aura thingy (forgot the name). I've worked my butt off in game to get to the point that I can play a dps character, since that is what I wanted to do since the first time I played this game. I got it because I tried, not because I pissed and moaned about the game not being fun, or what's broken about it. I come on the forums, post constructive feedback, and point out bugs when I notice them. I don't think the game is perfect, it's far from being there. But, it is fun, because again, I don't compare it to something that it's not.
  3. I'm not sure why you say it can't be done solo. I play almost entirely solo. I setup, switch to my huntress, or even my monk if I feel frisky, and can solo all NM 3 maps excluding incursion. Actually, the only time I play my squire is when I'm farming for better HB gear, which I have been doing this week with the increased loot drops. Don't say it isn't possible, because I do it all the time. Okay Bob. Well done to you. I can't do it solo with my DPS chars in the deck. I need to have all four heroes kitted out for building. Never mentioned squire though so not sre what that has to do with it. Whatever the reason the hero deck isn't to my liking and I think it should be removed. If you want to argue the pros/cons go to the other thread and do it. And more than anything I'd like to know when the next patch is due! I never actually said the hero deck is a good thing, I hate it actually, just stating a fact. The game isn't boring to everyone, I thoroughly enjoy it. It can be solo'd, and still be fun. I won't stop playing if they revert the loot drops, I'll just keep on trucking along. The game is changing every few weeks. The devs are listening to the players and making adjustments accordingly. The problem is this: I never played DD1, so I don't try and compare this game to that one. I play it for what it is, a game that is still actively being developed. If people don't like the game because it isn't DD1, it's their own fault for comparing it to DD1. I know you din't do that in this particular thread, but I see constantly. I am not here to defend trendy, they do a great job of that themselves by listening to the players and adapting the game accordingly, I'm just here to say just because you don't find it enjoyable, doesn't give you the right to speak for everyone.
  4. I'm not sure why you say it can't be done solo. I play almost entirely solo. I setup, switch to my huntress, or even my monk if I feel frisky, and can solo all NM 3 maps excluding incursion. Actually, the only time I play my squire is when I'm farming for better HB gear, which I have been doing this week with the increased loot drops. Don't say it isn't possible, because I do it all the time.
  5. The tooltip for pet affection levels says "gain affection levels by having your pet equipped during battle" or something to that effect, I'm paraphrasing. I have noticed zero difference in affection levels as to what content I'm playing. I've also noticed zero difference in level number, meaning, it took the exact same amount of time to go from 59 to 60 on my main pet as it did to go from 1 to 2 on my newly equipped pet. Take what you want from that, but I see it as meaning, it's not affiliated with exp gained, difficulty level, or anything else. It seems to me it's just associated with having your pet equipped while you are playing, almost as if it's time based, IE: your pet gains more affection for you because it's around you more.
  6. Easiest way to tell is check the trap itself. It tells you both the trigger radius and damage radius. build a trap without the sphere, equip it, and build another trap. Compare the difference. I don't have one equipped here, just the helmet with volatile schematics. As you can see, my trig radius is smaller than my damage radius.
  7. No, I have 15k hp give or take a hundred, and I can tank NM3 ogres no problem. NM 4 gets to be an issue though.
  8. I use fight me not, causes towers to deal extra damage to mobs targeting me, then I just tank away from blockades within a serenity aura. I did use the Vengance before, but find this method more useful as I can tank an ogre on top of 5 traps and kill him in a short amount of time, vs letting him pound on the walls and wasting mana to repair.
  9. So I've read this and several other threads saying the devs have broken the game, the devs are forcing us to play the way they want to, the passives make us use certain builds, blah blah blah... piss piss moan moan.... They have clearly stated, on several occasions, there are future "builds" coming, meaning more passives are coming. Maybe they should remove all passives, roll back to pre alpha, and not release any new content until they have at least 8 sets of passives per character that all hold hands and don't over-power eachother. Only one problem with that. Instead of people on here complaining about builds and passives, people would be on here complaining about lack of variety, being afk on nm4 and thinking about quiting playing the game, saying trendy had no direction because they aren't releasing any new content.... Oh wait, they are already saying all of that even with the new content. Hmm I guess trendy is damned if they do, damned if they don't. I honestly hope the next official post we see from them says due to lack of community support and downright negativity, we are pulling the plug on dd2. Now that, will be a thread worth reading.
  10. It's roughly 4-5 minutes per wave, I haven't actually timed it, but yeah, it's not much more than that. If you're questioning my method, it's balistas, flame throwers, walls and blaze balloons. My in game name is the same as my forum name, I'm more than willing to show you its perfectly legitimate if you see me in the public lobby.
  11. I actually stated it wasn't a large sample size. It isn't meant to be an argument, just an observation, hence the title, making it completely valid. This didn't take 2 hours, more like 40 minutes, and that was taking the time to record each piece that dropped. You can stick with your thought process, I'm not trying to change it, just sharing what was dropping for me so others could see.
  12. Recorded what dropped for me in Nightmare 2 Liferoot tonight. Played as a squire. Loot was as follows: Round 2: (1) Treasure Box(1) Creeper Egg(1) Chest piece - Green(1) Helm - Green(1) Boot - Green(2) Pet Food Round 4: (1) Gloves - Purple(1) Boots - Green(1) Helm - Purple(1) Shield - Green(1) Shield - Blue(1) Relic - Green(1) Treasure Box Round 6: (2) Relic - Green(1) Helm - Green(1) Chest Piece - Green(2) Treasure Box(2) Shield - Green(1) Sword - Blue(2) Boots - Green(2) Relic - Blue (1) Gato Egg(1) Helm - Green(1) Gloves - Legendary Round 8: (1) Gloves - Green(1) Pet Food(1) Sword - Blue(3) Relic - Green(2) Dragon Egg(2) Sword - Green(1) Relic - Purple(1) Treasure Box(1) Relic - White(1) Shield - Green(1) Relic - Blue Round 10: (3) Relic - Green(1) Helm - Purple(3) Sword - Green(3) Treasure Box(3) Pet Food(2) Reagent(2) Gloves - Green(1) Gato Egg(1) Shield - Blue(1) Helm - Blue(1) Sword - Purple(1) Boots - Purple(1) Shield - Purple(2) Shield - Green(1) Sword - Legendary(1) Sword - Blue(2) Boots - Green(2) Pet Reroll(1) Relic - Blue(1) Dragon Egg 53 Gear Items: Green = (34) 64%Blue = (9) 17%Purple = (7) 13%Legendary = (2) 4%White = (1) 2% 78 Total Items: Armor = (29) 37%Relic = (15) 19%Weapon = (10) 13%Pet Needs = (10) 13%Treasure Box = (8) 10%Eggs = (6) 8% I know people are saying gear drops need to be re-balanced, but those are actual numbers from a 10 wave run. I'd say they are right on point. True this is a small sample size, but if you notice, the rates get better for purple/legendary drops the further you progress, as it should be.
  13. I think everyone knows, considering you made a post trolling Trendy about the exploit. :) Stop lying yourself. ALL lower 240 also need re-roll for the mentioned exploits. I really don't agree to this, considering I'm farming NM 2 getting iPwr 400+, and doing so legitimately. I honestly don't care if they re-roll either way, but don't assume all people running nightmare are exploiting it.
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