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    Some great points here. After all, it's one thing to farm and farm and farm to get gear that has max stats in the categories you want, and it's another thing to have to farm like that just to get useful gear.
  2. [[66057,users]] "oh yeah I agree they did say at some point some builds will be only on certain maps when more are introduced, but they need to make it so Hero passive and tower passives don't roll on the opposite loot. Now one thing they need not to do is make it so you only get Tower stats cause right now i want hero health and tower health on the same piece. It should be as follows if you have an Main tower stat the passives should be all tower passives but the secondary can rolly anything, with that they can create more build like Sploody harpoons. " I assume you're looking to boost hero health and defense health for your squire with the hearty blockade passive. It would be a simple change to have DP enhance blockade health instead of hero health (or any other tower stat, for that matter). Then there would be no need to cross tower stats with hero stats.
  3. There's quite a few things I'd like to see happen with loot. First, I'd like to have loot drop with fixed stat combinations, but random numbers within a certain range dependent upon iPWR. Meaning, DP/DH would always drop together, HD/HH would always drop together, and quite frankly, crit stuff would be a random tertiary stat with tower stats dropping on "builder gear" and hero stats on "hero gear". Attack speed and movement speed could also be added as tertiary stats, too, if desired. Damage reduction, both magical and physical would be inherent on all armor pieces, but not accessories or weapons. Accessories would have all the tertiary stats on them for their respective spec (builder/dps). Passive abilities could appear only on legendary weapons and accessories, while only legendary armor would get set piece passives that stack with one another. By doing this, you'd get "useful" loot much more often that could be used across all your toons while still farming for loot that has better numbers than what you're currently sporting. You'd also cut out sifting through the large amounts of loot that have ridiculous stat combinations and we'd all feel a little less like bums sifting through the trash.
  4. And what if you're not playing a squire? Betsy 2-shots me on any toon that can't defend. Not much to tank with.
  5. It would be very interesting to see if all gear was dropped as hybrids. Not saying I'd like it, but it'd be cool to at least try it out. Actually, I'd prefer if DPS gear dropped with only DPS/Survivability stats and Builder gear dropped with only Builder stats. Then we'd all be a little less susceptible to the RNG gods...
  6. I think Hero dps needs some love, but I don't think a hero should be able to hold a lane on his/her own. Maybe hold down a lane til help arrives, but that would be pulling out all stops. That being said, I think a dps specced hero should be significantly more powerful than any single tower. Maybe have their basic attack worth 2 towers or so with their abilities adding even more damage. Also, having enemies die quicker as your level increases is fine, but only if the level of the enemies remains static. My feeling more powerful as I progress doesn't have anything to do with how quickly I dispatch enemies, but rather with the difficulty of the content I can complete.
  7. Great thread! Lots to say here, but I'll try to stay focused! First we don't need more towers, we need balancing between classes/towers. We currently have 16 defenses to choose from if we level all 4 classes (which is quite common). Unfortunately, we may utilize half of them on a regular basis, suggesting that many of these defenses are less useful than others. Each tower needs to bring something unique to the field, they need to interact with combo effects much more often, and all the defenses of a specific hero need to be able to increase their effectiveness by boosting the same stat (Defense Power/Defense Health). The way things are currently, we use defenses for their power, not their function. Why use a cannonball tower instead of an explosive trap when you've stacked DP on your huntress, but DH for your squire to boost the blockade? Aside from tower stats being balanced (range, speed, power, DU cost, etc.) towers need to be slightly overhauled (some more than others) in my opinion before we can even address the whole passives/spheres issue. How might we do that? So glad you asked! Iwroteasongaboutit.Liketohearit?Hereitgoes... Flameburst tower - Moderate, single-target fire damage w/ light splash damage - air/ground Earthshatter tower - Heavy, single-target damage - ground onlyFrost tower - AoE slow - air/ground Arcane barrier - sucks, get rid of it - replace with: Arcane tower - Moderate, multi-target arcane damage - up to 3 targets marked by Apprentice (replace Arcane Volley with new ability) Cannonball tower - Moderate, single-target physical damage - air/ground Spiked blockade - barricade that deals light damage Ballista - Heavy, physical damage - piercing in a line, doing reduced damage to each consecutive target - air/ground Target Dummy - sucks, get rid of it - replace with: Barbed net launcher - Light, single-target damage, slow, air->ground - air only Explosive trap - Moderate, AoE physical damage - ground only Geyser trap - Light-moderate, single-target water damage w/ knockup and splash status effect (drench, soaked, waterlogged, whatever) - ground (drenched can ground air units if they are in range) Poison dart tower - light, multi-target poison damage w/ light-moderate DoT which stacks (high rate-of-fire would be nice) - air/ground Blaze balloon trap - Light-moderate, AoE fire damage w/ DoT and status effect (ignited - target runs in random direction for 2 secs, igniting any enemies it comes in contact with) - ground only Lightning strike aura - light, continuous AoE electrical damage - air/ground Serenity aura - Light, AoE heal for heroes - AoE status effect on enemies (pacifism - reduces damage/attack speed) Boost Aura - AoE boost of defenses (all stats - health, range, power, speed, defense, etc.) Anti-air tower - Heavy, single-target magical damage - air only With this setup, and the proper balancing of range/attack speed, each defense has a specific function done uniquely from all the others that, when used optimally, can compete with any other defense for effectiveness, while still enabling any hero to functionally tackle any threat alone. This isn't even mentioning the combos I'd like to see with defense combinations, but I'll save that for another post. Feedback, please!
  8. Actually, I'd like to just see more input from the developers in general, no matter what form it takes. Even if they just started more threads, letting us know what areas of the game they were currently looking at/working on, we could give more specific input about that instead of the unfocused mess it seems to be atm.
  9. Carbala

    Gear Bonus

    U don't need it to agree with this idea, unless u're not able to sort items day after day by urself. This idea is good, but idk if they will be able to make a bonus without making a bug and wipe everything, let's see. I'm not saying I wouldn't like to see the gear set bonus to return, I'm saying that with the current inventory setup and it's lack of sufficient usability (i.e. a filter/sort system), the soup of loot created in DD1 would be impossible to deal with in DD2. Inventory capacity is drastically smaller in DD2 and there's no good means as of yet to deal with overflow. So trying to collect not only pieces to finish sets, but also optimum versions for both dps and builder versions of set pieces for multiple toons would be it's own little Nightmare mode even more daunting than the one we currently have.
  10. You couldn't do a set per map, really. It wouldn't be practical. First, that'd be a lot of different sets. 2nd, once you get past the campaign, and particularly into endgame, folks would only farm a specific map that had the set of gear they wanted. And if different classes favored different maps, then you have a few maps being farmed, but the majority of heroes in them would be all one class. What might work, however would be to have individual pieces of a gear set fall in a specific map. A chest piece may drop in Dragonfall Bazaar, say, while the helm would only drop in the Throne Room, etc and so forth. That might increase the appeal of all maps instead of a narrow few.
  11. Carbala

    Gear Bonus

    Unless DD2 intends to implement a comprehensive sort/filter tool to the inventory/loot system, I'd say no thank you to this idea.
  12. I'm sorry, I missed where it said this was a review. I thought it was just a list of things that the OP felt needed work.
  13. I'm gonna respectfully disagree with the OP on this one. My idea of a dps character is one who basically is a defense tower, not unlike the barbarian from DD1. To give them tower prospects would dilute their purpose and take away from the builders.
  14. I would like a couple of things, actually. First, I'd like a server where you can go to be matched with "mentor" players. These would be veteran players who can demonstrate effective strategies for different maps as well as provide awareness and understanding for some of the more nuanced aspects of the game. But how would one become a mentor? This brings me to my second request. I'd like a more meaningful way to provide feedback on the players I encounter in game. Players I really appreciate I could nominate for mentorship, whereas players who act like asshats can be given negative feedback and carry a rating, not unlike vendors on ebay. My hope is that it would encourage more cooperation and consideration amongst players.
  15. How about a berzerker spec for any of the classes where offensive abilities have increased range/effect, but also damage defenses and heroes?
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