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  1. i still cant login :/. Ps. At least the scrren isnt black any more, now ith has pictures ^^
  2. I think the Title says it all, Players vom the EU Region seem to have problems getting into the game.
  3. Maybe they are better now, i startet after the Wipe, so i dont know about that. What i can state, is that in plain comparison, he is weaker in many ways then Monk and Squire. This does not mean he isnt playable, isnt fun or is useless in a map, it just means he is less effectiv overall. (but sometimes i think the actuall ingame community thinks he is useless, or a hughe part of it)
  4. Apprentice Builders are in my opinion too weak. in every game I join, everyone just cry’s: “sell your towers” even though my defense Power is something like 1.600 with lvl 46. No tower of mine seems viable, Flame towers dps is not high enough (aoe just doesn’t cut it in the opinion of the gaming community in game), same with earth even worse, Arcane barrier is just far weaker then barricades, maybe Frost is viable but no one wants him either ^^. So as an Apprenticebuilder I just stay back upgrade and watch the game while shooting, although my dmg is miserable. Will there be an Apprentice buff? Or do I do something wrong (as a builder, I don’t want a hero dps Apprentice). I focus on Defense Power, Attack speed and a little Tower Health. I would appreciate feedback, if you feel the same or if there is a way to make the Apprentice builder work en par with squire or monk. Thx, wieahimmer
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