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  1. I definitely agree with Dreizehn (especially on the ethical in game purchases; you rock). Even though I want to spend the premium currency, and run around with a cool premium pet helping me out, I can't really justify the amount of currency it would take just to have a decent shot at getting a good (mythical +) one. I feel that this problem comes because even though the premium pets do not have any stat improvements over normal pets, they are unlike any of the other cosmetics in the game in that they do have stats attached to them. This makes them reliant on the RNG of the system to a point where they become prohibitively expensive to max out, or I have to accept a stat downgrade to use one. I think making them purely cosmetic (maybe pet costumes?) would be the simplest way to do this, and just divorce them from anything stat related. Although, I do feel that this would take away some of the "pokemon" like vibe of the pet system, where you have your little buddy that you have raised and kick goblin with. And even then, this wouldn't deal with what you would do with the alternate specials. I'm not sure I really like the idea of egg rarity brackets, all of the pets are cool! I would actually like to see more pet variety used ingame; at the moment the lesser pets are pretty much not worth upgrading or using, and having so little use out of some of the pets seems sad.
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