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  1. Well Stadia wouldn't require any new development, basically if they are making the game already for PS4,Xbox or PC they can simply put it on Stadia and anyone can play it. Stadia is just a streaming service for games. Not a new platform. Googles new game streaming service. I suggest looking it up.
  2. I think DDA would do very well on Stadia and I hope Chromatic is interested in pursuing it.
  3. The best combo with Petrify is Wep Mans, hands down.
  4. Correct there is a sorting system in DD2, but it is not that great. To the point about people not wanting to organize their bags, it is not a organization sim. It is farming over and over and over to get a certain piece of gear, sorting bags should be easy and painless, and not take 5 days to sort all your bags ( exaggeration ). The current sorting system only allows you to sort your entire set of bags, not each bag individually, for example I want a bag with just tower shards in it, now I want those tower shards to be sorted by level, then sorted by tower. I am not able to do that. Each bag or however they do inventory in DDA ( hoping for unlimited storage and have categories to show what you want ) should have its own sorting system, where I am able to do what I want with that specific bag. There are a lot of people out there that like organization, in very specific ways, no 2 are alike, which is why you want to allow customization of inventory, or you risk losing a lot of players do to getting frustrated with inventory organization.
  5. I have seen several people quit playing DD2 because they did not want to deal with organizing their bags. I feel since this is a looter style game and there will be no more micro transactions, that their should be unlimited storage space, there is absolutely no reason why there shouldn't be. If storage was unlimited and things stacked if they had the same data, I feel like people would greatly appreciate that and have a lot more fun playing the game itself. Now obviously you need a way to sort through all this unlimited space, would be nice to sort by defense power, defense health, hero damage, hero health, ability power, gear score, basically anything that is associated with loot should be able to be sorted. Just my suggestion for inventory.
  6. Ever sat in a map and wanted to build with several different heroes, but it took ages to swap through all of them? Well what if you had the ability to have a builder deck that you could adjust accordingly, or a dps deck, or a mixed deck? Just a suggestion.
  7. True, would love to see this implemented into the game, would be a great feature. That depends on the curve used. If they use a linear, quadratic, or exponential curve, then yes it'd be a major problem. A logarithmic curve, on the other hand, would entirely prevent that scenario.
  8. I like the second idea there, the only issue with being infinite is it would be super super op at way high ascension levels, example a legendary might drop every 100 mobs or so.
  9. What does the community think about the idea of having lets say 0.5 points of range for every level or 2 of ascension? Maybe even less points per ascension just for the fact that ascension has no end. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.
  10. I suggest there be a Magic Find option in ascension, every 3 levels or so you could put a point into the magic find. Now the magic find would have a cap, say 20% ( fictional number, Trendy could decide the fairness) this would apply to mythicals and legendaries only. Maybe have separate trees for each piece of gear, say there is a branch for relics, weapons or specific armor such as warlock. I think this would help with progression, it seems people are getting frustrated that they have to farm 20 maps to get a legendary or two. I would like to hear what the community thinks, so any feedback would be fantastic. Let's get a discussion going.
  11. Didn't know someone else was making one, I am simple making this for the max base values, they went into it a little deeper and applied the upgrades. I dont see much need for upgrading until Chaos 5 difficulty, the max base values of mythic and legendary should be enough to start getting upgrades in the next tier.
  12. This is a really early work in progress, and all help is appreciated and will not go unnoticed. If you find a max stat piece of gear and would like to help please send me a screenshot at usamattman on steam. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15m9TygHdKBnut0v4d0C9VyEbqYJl2QEPPhfvCQh1_q8/pubhtml
  13. Well like I said shards repeat, so lowest I found said shard would be where its listed, if you find one lower please let me know and I will change it. not the ability im looking for that is for squire shield. I am looking for the one that allows app blockade to summon metors when it gets hit every so often. I wasn't responding to you. I didnt even see your post. I was commenting about the spreadsheet. It lists it as Choas II but I got it in Campaign. Submerging Blast is also listed as Chaos II, but I just got one from Chaos I.
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