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  1. what your daily? add me on steam:asafgb i will help you complete the hard dailyes :) just for the record: you can change 1 daily per day AND ONLY AT YOUR FIRST LOGIN (when you login on each day you can, after that if you choose no to change your cant untill tommorrow) dont think you got it... I have 8x 50 chars and rock nm4 easy. dont need help to complete. I get the reward right away without having to do the daily. so i cant even reroll the daily or anything
  2. I can not select different dailys, I can not complete them. I just get the reward right away as I get a new daily. Please fix this asap, cuz I hate getting useless petfood and eggs. WYVERN TOKENS FOR LIFE!
  3. well yes ofc^^ Manabomb does not work with them i found out. If using the Tornado uber they dont work for the tornado... FIX FIX FIX!!! I want 4 second tornado!!! 8-9sec manabomb!
  4. the 20% and 25% cooldowns does not work. the standar 10% does work... FIX PLZ!
  5. well atleast fix it... killed 5 new skeletons after the ***ing reset where I was 12 away from monthly.... and now it still keeps on resetting?!
  6. Forget the egg I want those evil tokens for uber's hahaha sorry, forgot about them and the 30k gold. not the biggest deal for me, got itsy-betsy pet and 4 ubers. would of gotten a 5'th but atm the reset are useless. flamethrower, both for huntress and LS for monk. dont think the rest are worth it for now. but anyways yes! would be nice to get it all if possible.
  7. 12 skeletons left!!!! if you can't fix the problem. give the people that got it reset a egg in mailbox or something. cuz farming the skeletons is a pain in the ass! yes we understand its a Alpha (soon beta) but we still want our reward.... and yes we love u still^^
  8. I have 36 of 40 pets... I cant hatch anymore pets cuz its full... where do i expand the bag to 80? and where the *** did my level 47 fish surfing cat go?!?!?!? stupid patch killed my cat?
  9. "The Mountain" Kill X amount of specials with squire (not towers) "The Wall" Tank X amount of damage during the same game (needs to be HIGH^^) "The Rocket" Deal tons of dmg with huntress? "The BEAST" Get to wave XX on onslaght Nightmare 4?
  10. got one every two minutes or so?? how'd u do it? its not photoshop its a visual bug, if u swap the place of ur golden egg with a regular one, the regular one gets a golden visual bug correct! just found this out my self, works with every item, not just eggs :D but goes away after u close inventory :P
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