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  1. According to Elliot Cannon's LinkedIn profile, he stopped working at Trendy in December 2016. So I guess that explains why DD2's direction feels different with the Trials update.
  2. I'd like to see which level of Chaos you can beat with just your ascension points, no relics.
  3. I'd like relics to drop for Gunwitch, too. You need so many of them now. At the moment I quickly swap to a different hero before each boss dies... I'm not sure if it helps, though.
  4. I think there are a bunch of different types of random core losses: Geode reflections (as you said) Lady orcs teleporting through walls MalthiusSpears passing through walls and towersMalthius is the strangest. I just lost a C5 map on wave 5 with only 4 enemies remaining. There were no geodes left, no spear throwers, no lady orcs. There was Malthius, a Skeleton boss, and 2 skeletons summoned by Malthius. All walls were intact. And the core just randomly exploded. I'm not sure what Malthius does, if it is his attack or a summoned unit or what, but he can also cause random core explosions.
  5. When the timer reset a few hours ago, I got a new weekly quest, but no daily. Did this happen for anyone else?
  6. Haven't used monk, but I've beaten it several times with a ~45k hp Gunwitch. You might need more if you don't freeze them.
  7. Goofio

    Shard drops

    Use the drench shard with a storm damage weapon and you can electrocute everything. I have a squire like this and it is pretty fun, although squire is kind of bad right now because he can't tank many hits.
  8. Gunwitch's Ice Needle kills them in 1 shot if you can stun them with one of the methods suggested already.
  9. What map are you playing? Is it The Dead Road by any chance?
  10. Title. Is this stat lumped into the new 'Armor' stat, or is it completely meaningless?
  11. If you're getting chain attacked by multiple assassins, don't activate your pet ability immediately after an assassin starts attacking you. Wait a few seconds so the other assassins can bunch up around you. This way you can stun a group of them with just one use of your pet ability, and hopefully dps them down afterwards.
  12. Snaking sands will stun without shards.
  13. Pet abilities refresh after each death, so you can keep using them if you are being spawn camped. I use sparkle party to stun them, but some other abilities seem to work, too. I tested stalagmite and stranglethorn ~1 week ago and they were decent alternatives. Mystic viper walls trap them in bubbles if they jump you. Gunwitch can instantly kill them with the Ice Needle, and so can Apprentice frost towers if they have the freeze shard (I don't have this yet).
  14. If you want to stop people from sniping games that are about to end, don't display the wave number in the game browser. Very easy fix. Old system: People looking at game browser, waiting for their favorite map. New system: People disconnecting, G'ing through until they get their favorite map. I think this random map selection is a major step back. At the higher difficulties, it often takes several attempts to beat a map for the first time. If I am refining a build, I don't want to be playing random maps. I want to keep playing the same map, tweaking things here and there until I get something that works. I also want a chance to get better gear during these failures. As I'm typing here, I'm trying to get a specific map that I've been practicing in C5 (solo). I've G'ed through ~7 times already (edit: closer to 15 times now) and haven't gotten the map that I want. It's frustrating.
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