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  1. I still can't figure out exactly how the machine is scoring :\ The game has combo points too. Every block in succession results in an additional +1 to that block point, upto a max of 5 per block. Combo resets if you miss a block and goes back to 1. There is no negative combo so multiple block misses are only -1. Also thanks to an e-mail earlier I was reminded of an issue in the game where the score would not update for clients. I've hopefully resolved the problem I haven't tested it, but considering it now uses matinee (which replicates everything else in the game almost) instead of 'Se
  2. I'm loving all these posts and bits of information! I have another question to add to the overall thread. If you could buff two towers in the game what would they be, how, and why? Let bowling ball towers shoot their projectiles into the air and become mortars with splash damage.
  3. Thinkerer's lab After all the time I put into making this spot unreachable. It amazes me I apparently never completely fixed it o.O I'd have got away with it too if it wasn't for you meddling kids! As for the Akatiti one, I didn't even know you could get there so props :p
  4. Actually you won't find a hyper rifle that has projectile speed. I opted to have a hard value defined because it caused issues with the new weapon effects if it was too fast. As such i capped it at the max speed without it glitching the FX. Ofcourse as a result you wont get instant hit hyperrifles, but you also wont find slow ones with rng trolling.
  5. Well this thread was a fun read :p They'll probably get balanced out a little before moving to Ranked though right? Who knows, i'm not sure! Anyone else thinking that this would be a great tower weapon on a ult++? Edit: since hunt got no obsidian love? I modified its values a little after some feedback, expect it to be a bit more tower heavy in stats. No one will ever forgive me for skipping on the huntress in Akatiti, I gave you a blasterrifle because I was sorry! :p Nope, both projectiles dead straight. Animations on the Monk and Apprentice weapon projectiles are sweet too
  6. I built the level I wanted to build and I built the gameplay to be fun hopefully for everybody with a unique twist that can change the way you want to play. A few people have given me some nice feedback on the new stuff, others have just played DD the way they are used to and the way they want and it works for them too. Although I understand that I and everyone else are completely at the mercy of the voters. Impressing them is a hard task because it's impossible to make every single person like something (unless it's cake) everyone will judge your work how they see it. Even with guidlines,
  7. That's good to here. I know there are a few out of map spots in that build but all have since been resolved. Thanks for playing :]
  8. Moonbase -> I think it will be a great Map. Not that big, so i think i can be a good Solo-Map. I just wonder, are there incoming Ogre Copters?^^ Thanks, there is a lot of stuff changing in Moonbase, which will be released as soon as the contest finishes and I can update it. Copters are probably nto going to happen, Djinn and spiders will probably get added in though. Along with some considerable changes to the balance. However Moonbase i think has the most potential for a balanced map that has good build capabilities. I wish cr4zy had been able to balance out and finish the map bef
  9. I should probably finish the map now
  10. So originally I planned on havign a "timelapse" of the entire making of for moonbase, but the terrible screenshot software sucked and deleted almsot all of it because why would you have unlimited screenshots possible. Eitherway I have the last 4 days in one
  11. So it's not so secret anymore, except no one knows where it is or how to get ot it!, because you can't just yet. Working on it giving mana according to score.
  12. So Akatiti had a fun secret but because people figured it out fairly quickly and spread it around lots of the fun was removed from it (imo). So how about a secret that's always fun even if you know where it is. Well here's at least a part of it!
  13. I've discovered a few issues in mine, so far nothing MAJOR though. Except my initial cook having no spawn points, lol! *edit. Think I jinxed myself by saying that. Rather major issue with enemies all my ogres dont exist, but the game thinks they do. So it tries to spawn nothing. I've hopefully fixed it but waiting on Laura to see if I can update it.
  14. Well I uploaded something anyway. :) I don't see Cr4zy's or Alhanalem's maps yet, I hope it's going ok. After as many issues as I could have had I think it's finally uploading. Although my upload speed is abysmal, so if im lucky it wont fail half way through. Ofcourse, I don't even know if the map truly works I hit too many snags, but it's something. Really shouldn't have done the whole PC upgrade till now... But atleast my light build times arent 2hours long anymore. *edit or maybe it isnt uploading, I dont like you DunDefTool.... *edit so my problem was steam workshop agreement &
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