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  1. Didn't see anything either, but yeah, at about 3.8M now myself. Used to be around 8-9M. Edit: Proton Flame Charge (glove) shard doesn't appear to be working.
  2. Still can not view my first bag, thought this was going to be included?
  3. Okay then, I was pretty sure I had more unopened shards because I had tried looking through the filter. But maybe I was wrong. Thanks for the response!
  4. So am I missing something or did I lose a bag? My bag one is gone and the new defender packs bag is added at the end. I am assuming I lost those items also? Edit: More info - I used to have 11 bags numbered as originally assigned - First bag is definitely gone along with the items. Currently have bags 2-11 + new defender pack bag followed by the filter... I submit a ticket, hopefully can get this fixed.
  5. I mean, I get what you are saying totally. But... this is Dungeon Defenders 2. They have changed the game so many times.. Removable Spheres and stat allocation? IPWR? Onslaught? Random Passives? Static Passive from Incursions? Get rid of Onslaught? Trials and shards? Get rid of incursions? But what about the the passives they gathered? Wipe that... Shards now! Too many shards in C1 - Oh Gosh... Spread them out and disable some... Ascension? No no, too much ascension, scale that back. Add Incursion back? "Mastery" But dont let them use those ascension or high level gear, downgrade them.... Hmmm... what will we do with all those ascensions people have gained... Got it! Bring back an "Onslaught-ish" and throw in Ancient Power... Wait where did def speed orbs go? I do realize this is inaccurate but... it gives the idea. If you played and then stopped in between any certain point you'd probably be confused. It's not really surprising anymore.
  6. You are overlooking the fact they implemented an entirely new progression system (again). Besides, your gear will need to be replaced every time you trigger Ancient Power so don't worry about that. The goal is not for you to continually progress with getting new and better gear, it is to have you reset and then proceed to reach the same C7 level gear and gain (more) ascensions all over again but with bonuses from Ancient Power and then progress a bit farther. Also you will get stronger by playing with other people because ancient power stacks per player. Or at least this is my takeaway from the stream... Not too happy about these as I understood, but we shall wait and see how it really is when released as usual...
  7. Here is what I took out of the Dev Stream... Roughly skipping through... Feel free to correct anything I missed/misunderstood. Ancient Power - Reach ascension 250+ -> Reach Onslaught 65+ Gain: Permanent Bonuses - essentially another ascension point system - reset able. Affect everyone in game. Stack able/shared from multiple characters/multi-play. Raises the ascension point max (beyond 140). Bonus % to xp and gold. New ancient power Icon (next to health bar/party frame) Lose/Limited Reset: Gear is reduced to roughly end of campaign level. Ascensions Reset/Reduced (depending on how far you progressed before ancient power triggered and kept based on farthest reached permanently ~essentially get as far as you can the first time to keep the highest base restart) Upgrade levels reduced to 1 (gear/shards)
  8. This is exactly what I thought of... But we just have to wait and see as always. I hope it is very different though, as you said, those games do not offer replay ability with content so much as required repeated play with a slightly further progression each reset. Good for wasting time, not so much enjoyable after a bit.
  9. This was a bit ago so you might be done already but... These maps are much easier with every hero for sure. What I did and would recommend is to over build the 3 other lanes and mostly dps the boss lane (south lane) with minimal defenses built there. I believe i only had an explosive trap, geyser, and a wall. But could really be done with only a wall placed near the end of the lane. Also use the map buffs if your dps is low. Especially flame shield/aura (get the Giant Red Mushroom [North side of map] and use the Alchemy Table) does not work on bosses but you should clear everything else just by standing near them. If you get before each wave it should last the full wave. With a fast hero, you should be able to clear the dps lane and run to another, if needed, and get back before your wall falls. If you still need help feel free to add me.
  10. So did I miss something about Radiant Power shards no longer working? I had only built Initiate for tower buffing, would be nice to combo with the new Radiant Crit shard but doesn't appear to work at all anymore. Radiant Crit works fine. Noticed yesterday but figured I'd see if anyone knows. Also I realize this shard doesn't even drop anymore but for those that have it.
  11. You are not considering the "Ramp-Up" damage. (which is very quick now) The initial is ~20% difference, but the sand viper single target increases over time so the difference will be greater. (if you take the ATK DMG difference with/without shard, then you can see this) If you want a single target tower then go with normal + additional shard. Multi target go split which is still decent damage since it can hit 3. Not bugged, just hard to compare.
  12. Sometimes progress can be slow... Back when I played through, I sometimes could only beat a few waves, then search for upgrades and progress a little further. Some maps are also harder than others. Maybe find one you can beat easier. Mix up building strategies and don't get stuck on one hero as they aren't always the best for every situation. Dryad is a good hero, I always have her in deck but (imo) shes a burst hero, her damage is rather low in melee. Try using different heroes for different purposes. Take advantage of your deck, use all you have available. Try different towers and different placements. I feel like it's much more rewarding to solo figure it out slowly. You'll learn what works and what doesn't, and get familiar with towers. If you put in the effort you will figure it out and it'll be that much better when you win.
  13. As someone who has always used Dryad, all of these ideas are terrible except for messing with harpies. It's more like making a new character than fixing one. If half of these are implemented the play style would drastically change. 1. If you make the tree a pylon it will just cost more to build making it less useful (to me). I rarely have any issue with using trees as barricades on any map. If we have to use an aura and a wall (even a cheap one) then my DU cost went up. Also, most towers go near your walls anyway. I do not believe anyone would suddenly build distant (with these towers) because they have an aura instead of a barricade, they'll just be building an aura near their barricade as some do now with trees or just using it for healing. I could see it making placement around barricades easier but then cost... 2. Angry Nimbus is supposed to be the big damage tower in Dryad builds. I used it when it cost 100. Now its cheaper and has a huge range... no need for range gambit. So its fine, making another cc tower would be useless as I rarely see anyone use cc towers as it is (lady orc make cc generally useless). If Hornets are being compared to Nimbus then there is a problem with Hornets as they are supposed to be the weaker tower. On a side note, fix the bugs. On multiple maps Nimbus just stop working after a certain wave (Altar/Dead Road). 3. We do not need another poisoning tower. It would just compete with poison dart towers and whichever was better would be used or not depending on cost vs something else. Currently it clears junk mobs and softens up the tougher ones it works fine. 4. Harpies perch can honestly be replaced by so many other towers at 40 du that it's pointless, so feel free. 5. Starfall is fine now, when it had a melee assisted cooldown and high cost it was terrible... That has been fixed. When you say "we think that the improvements in speed and usability are likely to be huge payoffs for a melee-centric character" Dryad is a melee character yes, if you want to die. If you want to melee there are better options. Her abilities are ranged, except for blessing which, in my opinion, is only useful for armor not damage. Even if you want to melee, you can currently use all her abilities in melee range with targeted accuracy. So to me making her more "melee-centric" would make her worse. By the way no ability in this game can "interweave" into a melee combo... you use an ability or you swing your weapon, using an ability breaks your attack pattern. This would have to be changed into an ability you could use during and non-interrupting attacking which would become the only one in the game. 6. Corrupt form buffs towers and changes abilities. A short burst would have to be almost over powered to be worth changing, unless this is a plan to nerf. Shes already a burst ability character in corrupt which is gated by star cooldowns and celestial drain, if anything she's already too strong as a burst character. Also you'd be giving up the option to corrupt form towers for longer time vs bursting. I understand wanting to see more Dryad mixed builds, but to me it seems that the general/casual DD2 players flock to the easiest path and use that. It doesn't matter what you do to one character. It only takes one tower on one character to become OP for a majority to start using it. Fix bugs, put out new content, work on balancing, do not completely rework a character because its fallen off use. Some of us try towers and use different builds and use the lesser used characters and like them as they are. I mean how many people are still using EV2 now? Because its not every other games as it was. Balance and people will look for the new. Balance well and there will be variety. Anyway this is just my two cents, and if any of this makes it into game I will deal with it and learn to use it or abandon it as I see fit. So keep up the good work.
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