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  1. "When I grow up, I just wanna be as buff as Gobu!" Gobu my hero <3
  2. I bet you are. <.< I think its too late for me to post when I am finally able to do so. Since it's reduced time to catch up with votes.
  3. Picture featuring Cookiebinger. Or maybe just give us an option in the settings to make myth drops not appear in chat. People in the later game don't even look at mythical drops anymore. They just spam the chat with the new loot update. Greetings, LuDeRu
  4. A rather small hotfix directly after a big patch? Smells somehow fishy, isn't there more to it? ....
  5. Yea, everyone has the shard problem right now. I think iamisom already knows that and looks into it. Stay tuned TM
  6. Thumps up. A tower/wave - climbing mode would be good for advanced players to keep the game challenging and give the game a higher replay value. Maybe you should get a weekly/monthly reward for how far you got and then the progress gets reset. The reward might also be based on a ranklist. For example the 10% highest player get 1k def medals, 10%-25% get 500 def medals and 25%-50% get 100 def medals. The values and all are of course just examples.
  7. This was C5 Wave3, I think the purple stuff was a whitherbeast. A geode should have not been there. If it were then I would have seen projectiles flying my directions around the map or the huge purple shield. I think the theory that a ranged enemy shot through the wall to the core is right, it could have been a mage. I think they can 1shot the core... I don't think we get a better theory so.... case closed? Edit: If you mean the purple beam on the lane where I am standing, this is a mystic tower.
  8. The strange thing is that the core exploded immediately. If it gets attacked it shows the warning message but it got destroyed in 1 hit. And I am pretty sure that the little glitchy skeletons can't 1hit the core even if c5. I am also not sure if a single javelin can 1 shot it. If someone could confirm this, that would be nice. If javelins 1 shot the core, then the theory of @Zimmermann makes sense. If not, then I would have got the warning message slightly before the defeat screen and not within it. Even if the second javelin just hit milliseconds after.
  9. Yes I do use the freeze shard and I think that the current frozen enemy was a witherbeast. I think you can see the purple glow in the video. However, if the frost CC'd a melee enemy then I see no way how they could hit the core, even if they could punch through walls. Lets say that a speerthrower or a different ranged unit got CC'd. They would need to be able to attack through walls to get to the core. They had no vision to the core at all. And even if they could, I think that the core can survive one single javeline and I would have got a "core under attack" message. But the core exploded I
  10. Very good point there. I hadn't in mind that bomber are orange on the minimap. I am really clueless then...
  11. I don't know what you refer with top left but if you mean the minimap then a not moving enemy can also be a frozen enemy from my frosty or a witherbeast that just dig in the earth. I approximately know the javelin range but the only object near the core was a sgt which still had full hp after the loose. The only explanation currently left for me is that a explosive kobold exploded under the bride (down left lane) and the explosion went through the terrain in a huge radius to the core. But that would be insane too.....
  12. So random losses are coded in this map as a feature? Damn, the more you know. xD
  13. I don't know if you are sarcastic but in case you are not: Please read my thread before you answer. I wrote that this was NOT the case.
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